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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Appreciation From a Troubled Zone

I got this email of appreciation in response to some of my coverage of Tamil Tiger support groups in New Zealand.

Just got to to see your blog post. Nice article.

Thanks a million times for covering this struggle and raising awareness. Truly expresses the 'inside' point of view. But, would like to let you know that the main reason for this apathy in Eelam is that the negative role...I reiterate, negative role played by some members of the International Community out of vested interests. Especially India. (I carry a Indian passport, but that doesnt mean, I am very happy with the way the Government there functions. And, added to that the negative role media plays in moulding opinions about various organizations.

With reference to Eelam struggle, which I am sure would re-start soon, I would like to suggest you something. To make an in-depth study / research, you may cover some inter-related issues. Those are:

- Role media has played in moulding opinions.
- Role West and UN should have played.
- Role India / SL should have played to save lives of my brothers and sisters who reside only 26Kms from my province of TamilNadu.
- Distinguishing freedom struggle and terrorism - based on history and oppressive regions of the world.

Lastly, I say this with a heavy heart. Thousands of miles away, you country is much aware of the sufferings of my brothers / sisters. But, there was not even a single significant debate over Eelam struggle in Indian parliament. I truly felt that day, that India is not a Democracy - the great principle. But, a DemocKracy - The art of fooling people. Don't be surprised if the province of Tamil Nadu also joins the struggle for a Eelam and disintegrates with the in-humane government of India.

Would be happy to see more of these coming up on your blog. Thanks again for your effort. Kudos.


Thanks-you are welcome-more to come.


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