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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let Good Parents Be Good Parents

ACT is the only party in Parliament that has consistently stood up for the right of parents to make their own decisions about child discipline.

When National disgracefully voted with the socialists to ban smacking two years ago-ACT's two MP's cast their votes for parental rights and family integrity.

ACT has been virtually the only Parliamentary voice against this corrupt law ever since.

From the ACT party website

ACT New Zealand Deputy Leader and Anti-Smacking Spokesman Hon Heather Roy today urged New Zealanders to exercise their right to democracy and take part in the Anti-Smacking Referendum - voting papers for which will begin arriving in letterboxes tomorrow.

"While postal ballots have historically generated a notoriously low turnout, more than 300,000 people joined together to force this referendum - New Zealanders must not miss this opportunity to have their say," Mrs Roy said.

"The intent of this law was to stem the country's rising tide of abhorrent child abuse. Instead, we have Government intrusion into the lives of law-abiding parents -and 13 children have been killed as a result of abuse since the law was passed.

"Laws must be clear, enforceable and regularly enforced to be effective - but this is not the case we have now. The anti-smacking law is flawed and confusing, with ambiguity around the police's enforcement of it - while it is an offence for parents to smack their children, police have discretion over whether or not to take action.

"If parents are to have any certainty at all in the raising and correction of their children, they should fill out their voting papers and return them by August 21. No New Zealander should miss their chance to exercise their right to freedom and democracy,"
Mrs Roy said.

The choice is yours New Zealand-do parents know best-or do the police, the courts and Child Youth and Family?


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