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Friday, September 18, 2009

People Power!

Glenn Beck lists the recent triumphs of the US counter-revolution.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good work trevor.You need to get loose in some university classrooms

6:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree with anon.

Trevor, what do you know about the CCHD? They keep giving to these Marxists - many of us faithful Catholics went on a boycott because of contributing to ACORN a few years ago but got nowhere until their embezzlement scandal last year. I believe the people who dole out the money are laypeople, over 300 in number, and have little oversight. Our bishops pay them well to give grant mone;y to the poor but... Personally I think they're Leninists (got that name from you) masquerading as Catholics. I'm continuously writing, emailing and calling the main parish about them but... Recently we got a new bishop (thank you Pope Benedict) whose on the ball - we're seeing some good changes lately slow but sure. We've all got many years to catch up to these anti's.

I've seen youtubes w/ van johnson talking to religious groups. He claimed spirituality but obviously a con. They're all so well polished - almost like they've been trained! Fr Malachy Martin had them tagged decades ago - he called them luciferians. He was ahead of his time - many of the things he talked and wrote about have and are taking place.

Loved your interview. So sweet you had just taken your kids to school. My dtr is getting married next year so those days are gone. Please take the time to really enjoy them - I was too busy working, single mom, and have some regrets about not setting aside special time. She's a teacher - conservative - I tell her to spread the word.

God bless,

And thanks for everything.

Annie :)

PS: I expect a scandal in the future about the amount of money we gave ACORN - the marxist stream media will have a field day.


GET SOMETHING ON THE ACLU!!!!! lol Seriously though they're in bed with the Ayers and Obamas and despised by the working slobs like me. This isn't a challenge but I don't have much would be a great Christmas gift though... :)

5:17 PM  

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