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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Van Jones In Trouble-The Planet In Trouble If He Stays

Obama's "Green Jobs "Czar" Van Jones is in real political trouble, with several commentators calling for his resignation.

Not only has Jones' communism caused a huge uproar, but his 9/11 "Truthism" has also become an issue-not to mention his labelling of Republicans as "assholes".

Former advisor to Bill Clinton Dick Morris is adamant that Obama should fire Jones before the recent Bay Area street communist gets his hands on trillions of dollars of "cap and trade" money.

Here's a crosspost from my friend at RBO.

Should it pass, POTUS’s communist (small c) “green jobs” czar (small c) would be in charge of Cap and Trade, according to former Bill Clinton adviser, Dick Morris, on last night’s On the Record, Greta Van Susteren’s Fox News Channel evening show. (h/t SV)

Morris and guest host Martha MacCallum discussed Jones (emphasis added):

MACCALLUM: You know, last night, we talk about an expletive that he dropped referring to Republicans, but you know, there’s other stuff that is getting a lot of attention that may be, you know, more serious than that. What do you think about the fact that he reportedly signed this petition as a 9/11 truther, and he’s now saying, I didn’t believe that there was any, you know, conspiracy theory — I think that’s what he’s saying — then and I don’t believe it now. Is this enough?

MORRIS: Well, of course not. He signed a petition calling for an investigation, not as we had the 9/11 commission about what went wrong with our intelligence system. That of course we needed to have, and I’m glad we did. But to — an investigation as to whether it was an inside job or not? You have got to be kidding! And this guy is in the administration and they’re not calling for him to quit? What does Obama use for vetters?

MACCALLUM: You know, what’s your hunch on this — and I don’t — you know, maybe you know more than that — about whether or not President Obama — how well he knows him? Did he know that this — this kind of thing was in his past?


MACCALLUM: And if so, do you expect him to step up and say, you know, that, This is not the kind of person that I want in my administration, or not?

MORRIS: Well, I hope — I hope he does step up and say that, but let’s realize the responsibility he gave this guy. This guy basically was in charge of running the cap-and-trade legislation. He would be in charge of basically deciding how American manufacturing could cope with the need to reduce carbon output, which firms lived and died. And Obama trusted a guy like this with those kinds of decisions? He’s the czar, the green jobs czar. Incredible.

MACCALLUM: As a czar, he didn’t have to go through Senate confirmation. What do you expect now? I mean, does the president either have to…

MORRIS: Oh, I think he…

MACCALLUM: … make a statement in support or fire him?

MORRIS: He’s got to…

MACCALLUM: One or the other? …

MORRIS: Yes, but he’s going go. I mean, he has to resign after that. It’s unbelievable.

Let’s fact check Morris.

Mother Jones, that far leftie Institute for Policy Studies-affiliated publication, wrote in its April/May 2009 issue, included Jones in the 17 Players Who Could Make or Break Cap and Trade:

Van Jones: Oakland’s evangelist for the green-collar economy will battle the industry-backed Alliance for Energy and Economic Growth, which says a carbon cap would be disastrous for blue-collar America.

The only “battle” imagined here is for who would get the most greenbacks. Phil Kerpen, director of policy for Americans for Prosperity, wrote September 2 at (emphasis added):

It’s easy to get caught up in personalities, especially when you’re looking at organizations like the Apollo Alliance, the Blue-Green Alliance and individuals like Anthony K. “Van” Jones, the White House Special Adviser for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the Council for Environmental Quality, colloquially known as the “Green Jobs Czar.”

But falling into conspiracy theories, even factual ones like the ones I’ve discussed recently on the “Glenn Beck” show, can distract us from the important public policy questions at hand–specifically, will these groups succeed in getting billions of taxpayer dollars from the stimulus bill and potentially trillions of dollars from a cap-and-trade bill?

The Apollo Alliance unifies the three most powerful elements of the political left: environmental groups, labor unions, and street organizers like ACORN, and points them toward a common goal that enriches all of them under the banner of “green jobs.” Apollo and the Blue-Green Alliance (a similar group with overlapping membership) are outgrowths of the Blue-Green Working Group, an informal coalition that for years has attempted to align the interests of environmentalists and union bosses.

The Apollo Alliance and the Blue-Green Alliance are making plans to spend the stimulus funds while also working on a much bigger haul. Happy but not satisfied with the “first step” Sen. Reid gave already gave them, they are now feverishly pursuing the potential trillions of dollars they could reap from a cap-and-trade bill. As Blue-Green Alliance executive director David Foster explained last week, cap-and-trade “is an economic restructuring bill for the global economy. We should not pretend that it isn’t. Instead, we should do it right.”


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