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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

US Radicals 1 Margarida Jorge

Margarida Jorge is the Washington DC National Field Director for Health Care for America Now-HCan, a nationwide network based around ACORN, Jobs with Justice and some labor unions, dedicated to promoting "single payer", or socialized health care.

In this role, Jorge works with labor, community, faith, grassroots, and progressive organizations to move Members of Congress to support HCAN’s vision of health care reform in ways that build power for permanent local organizations. Previously, Jorge directed Americans for Health Care, SEIU’s grassroots campaign to win health care for all and also worked on candidate elections, state legislative fights, and ballot initiative campaigns in the states.

Margarida Jorge began her career in the labor movement, where she organized low-income health care workers in the South and the Midwest for nearly 10 years.

She is closely associated with the Communist Party USA.

In September 2006 the Peoples Weekly World listed several associates and members of the Missouri/Kansas club of the Communist Party USA.

They were;

Colan Holmes , Glenn Burleigh , Jim Wilkerson , Jocelyn Cochran-Biggs , Joey Mooney , John Pappademos , Julie Terbrock , Katrina Molnor , Kaveh Razani , Margarida Jorge , Mary Barbur , Nafisa Kabir , Phil Webb , Quincy Boyd , Russ Ford , Steve Johnson , Tony Pecinovsky , Yvette Harris , Zenobia Thompson.

According to the Communist Party journal Political Affairs, Jorge was keynote speaker at a People's Weekly World function in St Louis in April 2009.

''17th Annual Hershel Walker ‘Peace & Justice’ Awards Breakfast Missouri/Kansas Friends of People’s Weekly World St Louis, MO April 25, Sat., 9:30 a.m.''

''Keynote speaker: Margarida Jorge, Nat’l Field Dir HCAN (Health Care for America Now!). Awardees: Lara Granich, Exec Dir Missouri Jobs with Justice, Don Giljum, Bus Mgr Operating Engineers Local 148, VP of St. Louis Central Labor Council, Maida Coleman, former 5th Dist Sen & current candidate for mayor.''

Contact for the event was Tony Pecinovsky of the Communist Party USA.

In August 2009 Margarida Jorge wrote an extensive memo to HCAN field partners offering guidance on how to deal with "right wing" protestors at health care town hall meetings.

''Margarida Jorge To: HCAN Field Partners''

''RE: HCAN—Responding to Right-Wing Attacks in the Field - August 4, 2009''

''Since early February, we’ve seen increasing numbers of militant right-wing activists attending public meetings across the country targeting Members of Congress and President Obama. Now in the August recess, the “tea-bagger” protesters and right-wing activists are showing up in larger numbers with a mission to be as disruptive as possible in the hopes of rattling Members of Congress and halting health care reform through pure spectacle and obstruction.''

''Our response is shaped by 3 things:''

''Our targets are Members of Congress who must vote “yes” for this bill. Our targets are not the rightwing extremists. The targets of these attacks are Members of Congress. Those Members are also our targets.''

''We need to use these attacks as opportunities to work with the Members in ways that build our relationship in the field and bring us together as allies in health care reform. Members may be more receptive to partnering with us if they know we will help them combat the opposition.''

''Our core message is effective, and we should always come back to it. Our campaign plan has always anticipated opposition. No matter what the right-wingers bring up to distract the debate, we should always circle back to our key message. We are on the side of quality, affordable health care for everyone, and we are against turning over health care reform to the insurance companies and lobbyists who got us into this mess to begin with. We need to educate the press and the public that the protesters are aligned with the corporate lobbyists and insurance companies who are trying to stop reform.''

A few months ago, Margarida Jorge was a low level supporter of the Missouri Communist Party, working with ACORN, Jobs with Justice and the like.

Now she plays a key role in a nationwide organization at the center of of the national healthcare debate.

Her job is to defuse the opposition to Obama's health care reforms by applying the skills and techniques developed by her Communist Party friends.

US radicals 2 here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side ...we got one of the racial elite thumbsuckers.

"Field, 57, stood in the High Court at Auckland dock clutching a bible as he became the first MP to be jailed for bribery, corruption and perverting the course of justice."

Love the "clutching a bible touch"

That probably means he's innocent.....bwaaaa..

10:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barry has opened the doors to the corridors of power to every self-serving socialist and communist wannbe revolutionary.

The USA is being screwed by Obama, the true Manchurian President.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Texmom said...

She's SEIU:

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think she is from Kenya.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A dengerous woman who should clearly be in jail.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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