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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Move Over Republicans-the Patriots are a Comin'

I love this stuff.

Real Americans re-discovering what made their country great.

The US "Tea Party" counter-revolution is independent of the Republican Party.

The GOP 'old guard' is upset at these upstarts taking over their political 'turf' and talking crazy ideas like restoring the Constitution, ending political patronage and safeguarding the Republic.

The Republicans have a choice-move with the mood of the country and return to their roots and principles, or get steamrollered by real Americans.

From the Washington Times;

A founder of the Tea Party movement said Wednesday he had a warning for Republican leaders: Back conservative candidates or else other states will suffer the same backlash that toppled Florida's Republican Party chairman this week.

"We are turning our guns on anyone who doesn't support constitutional conservative candidates," said Dale Robertson, who operates out of Houston and helped start the movement nearly two years ago.

He declined to say which states are next on the Tea Party's hit list. He said party leaders in those states would be warned privately, but the movement's wrath "will be very clear publicly" if they don't listen.

"If they continue to do things like they did in Florida, it's not going to be good for them," Mr. Robertson said. "If they don't get that and their party chairmen don't get that, they are going to be ostracized."

In Florida, a struggle between conservative activists and the Republican Party establishment forced state GOP Chairman Jim Greer to quit Tuesday. He blamed his decision on activists who he said "turned their guns on fellow Republicans instead of focusing our efforts on defeating Democrats."

Mr. Greer had been under fire for backing Gov. Charlie Crist, considered a moderate in the party who last year praised President Obama's $787 billion stimulus plan, in the race for the Republican nomination for Senate over former state House Speaker Marco Rubio, who is supported by the Tea Party movement.

The chairman's resignation headed off a party meeting Saturday where he expected to face fierce opposition from conservative activists.

Mr. Robertson planned to deliver the warning in a phone call Wednesday to National Republican Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele, who a day earlier said he supported the Tea Party activists and that he didn't think their movement had caused a schism in the Republican Party.


Anonymous Tim Martin said...

The GOP fails to understand it is not just about defeating Democrats with who ever can beat them. It is about priciples...Period! We are tired of squishy Republicans who are no more than Progressive lite. We want real Constitutionally principled candidates.

3:26 AM  
Anonymous clay barham said...

Can you trust your politician, the one you voted for? Here’s a simple way to find out. If the elected official, at any level, swears to uphold the Constitution of the United States and defend the United States against all enemies, then turns around to justify legislation and political power that trashes the Constitution and the nation, don’t you believe he or she is not trustworthy? Look at President Obama. He took the Oath in front of the whole nation, and then began trashing it right out of the bag. He, and his Party, does not believe in the U.S. Constitution, preferring instead law by a parliament. But, if they told you that when they ran for office, they would loose. You would never vote for them, yet, many roll over and accept what is given us in the way of tyranny substituted for freedom, of the importance of community over the individual. Are they trustworthy, or is it better they lie and do what the community of organized crime in the American capitol.

11:07 AM  

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