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Monday, February 08, 2010

"Global Disastrification"

Best "Global Warming" spoof ever.

Somebody needs to send this to John Key.


Blogger Ayrdale said...

Trevor, PajamasMedia are campaigning throughout the blogosphere to "follow the money trail" re the IPCC, Al Gore, Maurice Strong etc.

A commenter has noted that...

"Another avenue worth pursuing would be Carole Browner. Between her gigs as Clinton’s EPA chief (remember the wiped hard drives?) and Obama’s climate czarina, Browner was a member of the Socialist International’s “Commission on Global Governance.”

Tie that into the language in the draft Copenhagen Treaty imposing just that, or at least a transnational taxing-regulating-rationing authority so close to having governmental powers as makes no nevermind..."

Can you help shed more light on this lady ?

11:40 AM  

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