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Monday, February 15, 2010

I is a Beeeeeeeeeeeelieeeeeeeeeeeevuhhhhh!!!!!!

Twenty years I went to a Young Nats gathering at the Ashley River. Nick Smith was there. River was damn' near dry with all the hot weather we used to have then.

Nick struck me as a nice bloke. Sincere and balanced. Never would have guessed he'd turn into a crazy climate change "beeelieeeevuh".

“I can assure you that the government has investigated the evidence on the science of climate change from a number of different sources and I can appreciate that there are many different perspectives on the matter. However, the government is convinced that climate change is a serious and legitimate issue and that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) provides the most reliable information on climate change science. In its most recent assessment, the IPCC states that the evidence for climate change is unequivocal, that humankind’s emissions are very likely the cause of these changes and that, unless action is taken to reduce emissions, dangerous changes in the climate system will result.”

Hon. Nick Smith, Minister for Climate Change Issues, in response to submissions on New Zealand’s 2020 Emissions Target, 2009.

Sad, very sad.

Hat Tip Muriel Newman


Anonymous Hothal James said...

Climate change and Global Warming are not one in the same thing. The global warming debate is framed around the belief that the combination of climate changes, many believed to be caused by human modernity are leading to an overall world wide climate shift. The use of the word 'Warming' is probably a bad use of the word.

So for those that think that the Global Warming debate is a tool being used by communists and Illuminati to forward their one world government agendas, well that may be one thing, but climates change all the time in localised areas, so disagreeing with the concept of a global climate shift should not automatically negate the possibility that it is happening on a local level as it has done so in the past.

The root of it all though is who is to blame whether or not you support the idea of a global shift or merely localised climate change, for to support the claim that human activity is causing it, is to call for a change in the mainstay western way of life.

Many people with agendas in this issue do not really care whether the science is good or not, those with agendas bent on further taxes and international trade in carbon trading will support any reports that support the introduction of a new international trade-able product.

Those that see any international stock such as a carbon credit as the next step to the communist/Illuminati alliance instilling a OWG will agree with any reports that disagree with the idea of global climate shift.

Its not really an issue of belief in whether or not the science is good, I think the validity of the science went out the door the day this thing became about profits and power on one side, and conspiracy theories of one world governments on the other.

8:34 PM  

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