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Thursday, February 04, 2010

"Myth of Right Wing Hate"

Sooooooooooo true.


Blogger Reid of America said...

Hi Trevor,
Off topic but it appears that NZ climate scientists at NIWA are either incompetent, corrupt or both. I believe it is both. They claim that they lost the raw climate data. I say they destroyed the data rather than have their scientific fraud exposed. They are trying to appear incompetent as a way of covering up their fraud.

How is the NZ media portraying issue?

I think the global warming scam ended when Obama was laughed at during the State of the Union address when he said "overwhelming scientific evidence".

1:24 PM  
Blogger Ayrdale said...

Reid, check out...

...for local (NZ) coverage.

Hope you don't mind the ad. Trevor !

4:01 PM  
Blogger Ayrdale said...

And Trevor, re the myth of right wing hate, may I draw this photo and article to your attention ?

4:08 PM  
Blogger Lisa G in NZ said...

Hi Reid of America,

NZ is very "liberal" in a mostly (?) good way down here. We have quite a few on the dole and not the best nationalized health care. (*sigh*)....

How has NZ responded to 'climate gate'? The in charge folks: Mostly by yawning and not caring. Prime Minister John Key has joined the 'Copenhagen accord' or some silliness. NZ is still very pro UN as well.

J.Key/NZ is trying to enact Emissions Trading Scheme to promote carbon reductions of course as well. Had to do a dodgy agreement (pay) with Maori to pass current ETS.

HOWEVER, NZ follows her nearest neighbor Aus so Arydale is correct, the mickymuses site is spot on.

I hope NZ will wake up and follow AUS lead, but AUS is still fighting the fight.

The ACT party is against ETS so that is good.

Trev, other NZ bloggers and NZ scientists are trying to get the AGW info out there... see:

5:22 PM  
Blogger Moneo said...

Ok the word verification was "wines", but surely you include this video as comedy, Trevor.

If you truly don't think that anyone on the left has any ideas whatsoever and simply launches personal attacks, while the right just calmly put forward ideas and never use personal attacks, you are quite simply not living in reality.

Both sides have people who engage in fruitless name calling and hatred and both sides have people who take policy seriously.

(although in my opinion John McCain's campaign against Obama would have been much better served simply doing what this song seems to say, and ignored Obama altogether. Not mention him at any campaign stop, not mention him in any advertising, and agree to one debate that was as pre-scripted and stiltingly formal as the Bush/Kerry debates. All the nagative advertising played right into the McCainIsBush2 narrative the dems played up, plus Obama was so new and, to borrow the Veeps description, "clean" no one believed anything said against him.)

10:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep an eye on the story coming out of North Carolina. The dept. of public instruction wants to change high school curriculum to teach US History only from 1877 to date. The progressives are on the march to eliminate our great history..especially our founding and the remarkable President Lincoln. Keep an eye to see if the people of North Carolina rise up. I live in the midwest and heard about it, so they should be aware. You can find the story at


5:06 AM  
Blogger paul scott said...

Honestly Trevor that is the worst video song I have ever heard,
and the worst video I have ever seen.
The message is relevant and the comments are fine,
and Climategate is interesting and will get bigger but,
but Trevor its best to show video of dancing girls.

11:47 AM  
Blogger paul scott said...

Politic of antagonism
I have decided I'm sorry for grizzling about the cheesy videos here and below, This site brings a lot of good material, and political antipathy between groups of people is a good subject.
Over at the Blogg site 'Tumeke' writer Bomber can be pretty scathing about opposing opinion.
For instance he calls climate change sceptics 'deniers' .
He uses the word 'denier' as an insult to mean you are backward and stupid.

On the smacking law there was an 87% vote to rescind the Sue Bradford amendment. Bomber and Tim Selwyn said the vote meant nothing because only half of eligible voters did vote.

So what can you do. They think you are pig headed and they tell you.

An equal and opposite reaction can set in.
You can start to despise groups of Scientists who don't release or fudge data on climate say. Then you can start to despise the whole left wing because they support flaky science. Then you won't ever listen to that group of people again, and dismiss out of hand what they say.

Jew Arab conflict
For most of my life I saw the Jew-Arab conflict with a pro Jewish aspect. I never got around to reading anything about it, because I had already decided that reporters with antagonism to America- Israel , would make for biased reporting. Therefore anything people like Bomber at Tumeke wrote about it had to be prejudicial raving.
But he kept on putting up the maps of Israel showing occupation and Jewish settlements from 1947 till now.
So I did some matter of fact reading, and I found out that my own politic had held many truths on this matter all my life.
I just believed what I wanted to.
Paul Scott

7:55 AM  

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