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Monday, February 22, 2010

Obama File 97 Obama and the Weissbourds - Was There a Frank Marshall Davis Connection?

Obama file 96 here

Barack Obama has received the help of socialists and communists at every step of his political career - right back to his boyhood days in Hawaii, where he was mentored by the communist poet, Frank Marshall Davis.

Frank Marshall Davis, who was not a native of Hawaii, began his radical career in Chicago.

In 1985 Obama left New York for Chicago to work as a "community organizer".

There is evidence that Obama was supported in his Chicago career, by people with ties to Frank Marshall Davis.

Chicago journalist Vernon Jarrett who was the father-in-law of senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, promoted Obama's career through his newspaper columns. In the late 1940s he worked with Davis on the publicity committee of a communist controlled organization-the Citizen's Committee to Aid Packing House Workers.

Earl Durham worked with Frank Marshall Davis in the Chicago Communist Party run Abraham Lincoln School for Social Sciences.

In the mid 1990s Earl Durham and Obama helped establish the radical dominated Community Organizing and Family Issues organization.

This post looks at a third possible connection between the Frank Marshall Davis networks of the 1940s and the Obama movement of today.

Also teaching at Abraham Lincoln School for Social Sciences with Davis and Durham, was a woman named Bernice Targ.

I believe that Bernice Targ may be Bernice Targ Weissbourd, a well known Chicago activist and philanthropist. Born in 1923, she is certainly of the right age group and political inclination.

In March 2009 Bernice Targ Weissbourd attended an 85th birthday tribute dinner for retired radical physician Quentin Young.

According to the event program;

Quentin began his activist life in the 1930s, as a teen, fighting fascism with his friend Bernice Weissbourd.

Quentin Young was a member of the Young Communist League in those days, so it is very likely that Bernice Targ was also a comrade.

After WW2 Quentin Young was an activist doctor and according to the House Un-American Activities Committee, was also a member of the Bethune Club of the Communist Party USA.

In the early 1970s, many Chicago communists left the party and linked up with ex Students for a Democratic Society militants to create the Gramscian socialist, New American Movement (NAM).

Quentin Young and his wife Ruth both supported NAM. When NAM and the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee and NAM combined to form Democratic Socialists of America in 1982, Quentin Young joined the new organization.

Young went on to meet, treat and mentor over many years, an ambitious young Chicago lawyer/activist named Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, Bernice Targ had married a young chemist-turned lawyer named Bernard Weissbourd.

As a chemist, Bernard Weissbourd had worked on the Manhattan Project to develop the Atomic Bomb and had contributed towards the discovery of Plutonium.

After the War, Bernard Weissbourd studied law and practiced as a lawyer for several years before becoming one of America's leading commercial property developers.

Despite his business success, Bernard Weissbourd was a man of the left. During the Civil Rights era he held meetings of the radical Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee in his backyard.

In 1983, Bernard Weissbourd served on the transition team of Chicago's DSA/Communist Party backed Mayor Harold Washington - alongside Quentin Young.

This was the year Obama first moved to Chicago, where he states that he was inspired by the victory of Mayor Washington.

In 1992, Quentin Young, Ruth Young and Bernice Weissbourd were all members of the Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights - probably the most successful Communist Party USA front ever. Earl Durham was also close to the organization in the late 1980s.

By that time the Committee was dominated by Democratic Socialists of America activists and members of the Committees of Correspondence, who had split from the Communist Party in 1991.

Besides Quentin Young, several leaders of the Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights including Timuel Black, Saul Mendelson and Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf joined the Democratic Socialists of America and later became friends and supporters of Barack Obama.

In 2005 several of Obama's friends, colleagues and mentors including Earl Durham, Bernice Weissbourd, Quentin Young, Timuel Black, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Rev. Doctor Michael Pfegler, Alice Palmer, Abner Mikva and Leon Despres gathered together in the Chicago Area Friends of the Students Non Violent Coordinating Committee, to commemorate the Civil rights movement of the 1960s.

Clearly, Bernice Targ Weissbourd knows Earl Durham well. Did she know him at the Communist Party's Abraham Lincoln School, with Frank Marshall Davis?

The direct Weissbourd/Obama connection comes through Bernard and Bernice's son, Chicago lawyer/businessman/activist Robert M. Weissbourd.

Like his wealthy parents, Robert Weissbourd has not let his commercial success dim his "social conscience".

Robert Weissbourd founded RW Ventures, LLC in 2000. He had previously served for ten years in executive positions at Shorebank Corporation, where he worked "to strengthen Chicago neighborhoods by investing in entrepreneurs, real estate and community organizations, and to help market institutions understand the benefits of returning to the inner city".

Before joining Shorebank, Weissbourd was a partner at Hartunian, Futterman & Howard, specializing in "federal constitutional and class action litigation, school desegregation and representation of government and non-profit agencies

In 1981, Robert Weissbourd helped found the Chicago based Crossroads Fund, with socialists including Jean Hardisty and Rona Stamm.

Crossroads is a major funder of the Chicago left and has been supported by a veritable who's who of Windy City radicals from Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn to the current US president.

In the late 1980s, Weissbourd was a board member of the Progressive Chicago Area Network (PROCAN) , alongside several prominent Democratic Socialists of America members, including current Illinois Congressman Danny K. Davis, Roberta Lynch and Dr Ron Sable, and DSA honoree and Obama's Hyde Park next-door-neighbor, Jackie Grimshaw.

Later Grimshaw and Weissbourd were both board members of the Center for Neighborhood Technology, a Chicago based Environmental group.

Over A Two-Year Period In The U.S. Senate, Barack Obama Requested $3.2 Million in earmarks for the Center For Neighborhood Technology. Executives and board members of the Center For Neighborhood Technology later contributed $20,688 to Obama's campaigns.

During the presidential campaign, Robert Weissbourd served as Chair of Obama for America's Urban and Metropolitan Policy Committee. Also involved with this committee was Harry C. Boyte, a veteran of the New American Movement and Democratic Socialists of America.

In 2009, Weissbourd also served on the Obama Transition Department of Housing and Urban Development Agency Review Team.

According to RBO, Robert Weissbourd was not only an Obama bundler committed to raising a minimum of $50,000, but he also contributed significant funds to Obama’s campaigns from his own bank account: $3600 in 2007 to Obama for America and $29,373 to the Obama Victory Fund (thereby achieving Mega-Donor Status in 2008); $5000 in 2005 to help launch Obama’s Hopefund Inc., with another $5000 in 2006 and $9113 in 2003-2004 to Obama for Illinois for Obama’s U.S. senatorial campaign

That Barack Obama worked closely with Chicago communists and socialists, is beyond doubt.

That some of these activists were directly linked to Obama's Hawaiian boyhood mentor Frank Marshall Davis is also becoming increasingly clear.

This raises several questions.

Did Obama come to Chicago, because Davis' old friends could help him?

Did Obama seek these networks out, fall into them by accident, or did he arrive with a list of introductions?

When was Obama first marked out for high office? Was it only in 2004? Was it early in his Chicago days? Even earlier in the piece?

Are the answers to these questions important to you?

Obama file 98 here


Blogger Cobra said...

There is a school of thoughts that Obama is Frank's son, the older Barack being only the front "daddy".
There are certain pictures of Obama's mom, in compromising positions, in what seems to be Frank's house.
At the same time Frank was known to be a pedophile and a very promiscuous man.
And a family friend of the Dunhams.
Just saying...

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