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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Sir Roger on Labour's Callous Hypocrisy Over Youth Rates

Minimum wage laws are cruel and particularly hurt the young, the poor and vulnerable-the very people socialists claim to defend.

Any half decent economist will tell you that.

It's simple logic.

Artificially raise the price of any saleable item-whether it's tomatoes, housing, or labor and less of it will be sold.

Any kid selling toffee apples from a roadside stall could confirm that fundamental truth.

Artificially raise the price of youth labor and less of it will be utilised-higher youth unemployment will be the inevitable result.

The bottom line is that socialists care more about defending their delusions than they do about real people.

From the ACT Party website;

It's very rich of Labour's Annette King to blame National for the high rate of unemployment for young New Zealanders when it is, in fact, Labour's abolition of youth rates that has caused this problem, ACT Finance Spokesman Sir Roger Douglas said today.

"Since youth rates were abolished in early 2008, the unemployment rate for 15-19 year-olds has almost doubled. The number of unemployed youth has risen by 18,800 people," Sir Roger said.

"It is pretty clear what is causing this to happen – if you look at the 10-year period before the abolition of youth rates, youth unemployment peaked at 15.9 percent. Today, it stands at 26.5 percent.

"An excessive minimum wage denies young people the opportunity to get a job, as employers cannot afford to hire them. When unemployed, they can't gain work experience, don't receive on-the-job training, and never develop a work ethic.

"If Annette King really cared about those young people who cannot find a job, she would end support for the policies that Labour voted for that caused it. Instead, she seems to think the solution is make-work schemes paid for by the taxpayer or hiding the problem by allowing more to become students.

"Labour has caused the excessive rise in youth unemployment and now wants taxpayers to pick up the tab," Sir Roger said.


Blogger peterquixote said...

You are missing the point Trevor,
New Zealand must and will raise the basic wage.
Wait and see Trevor, your PM NZ John Key attend to this.
Natural laws of nature do not work for a good society.
I take a bet with you Trevor NZ basic wage $20 within two years.

6:26 PM  
Blogger Trevor Loudon said...

You may be right Peter, but it will be a disaster if you are.

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sir Roger Douglas has also looked into the effect the minimum wage has on young maori. It inly highlights how much the minimum wage hurts those it was intended to help - the most marginalised workers.

ollow the link below for more info:

11:41 AM  

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