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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rep. Paul Ryan on Reclaiming the American Idea

Great speech from champion of liberty, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

This guy "gets it".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One correction: Only the original citizens of the common-law States have Creator derived natural rights.

The citizens created by the 14th Amendment (by Congress.) have "privileges and immunities" founded in statute (Civil Rights Acts), which are dependant upon the outcome of a vote, subject to change every election, or every changing whim of a Congressional majority. The Due Process clause in the 14th Amend. mandates that the "civil rights" Congress conferes upon its "subjects" must be the exact equivilent of the Creator derived unalienable rights which apply to the common-law State citizen, WHICH HAVE BEEN ADOPTED AS THE STANDARD.

The 14th Amend. did not apply to the original State citizen, they had "natural" rights which pre-existed government. 14th Amend. "federal" citizenship is created by "law", and is regulated by the "law" of its creation (Civil Rights Acts).

The 14th Amendment is now being exerted upon every citizen. The govt. is trying to rid itself of its "master".

9:37 AM  
Blogger Lisa G in NZ said...

Mr. Ryan is awesome...

Millions upon millions of good, common sense folk in the midwest who west coast or east coast elitists don't believe exist...

1000 or so loons running Washington seem to have forgotten there are about 300 million of the rest of us...

and we aren't happy with Washington...

when the majority of incumbents are voted out Nov 2010 or in 2012, we'll keep Mr. Ryan...

yep, we will

9:02 PM  

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