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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

John Key - You Have Been Suckered

If John Key and the DRIPpy Nats think that signing the Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples (DRIP) is only symbolic and will have no practical effect, I hope they were watching TV3 News tonight.

Don't these fools realise that Maori Anarchists and Marxists have been working on this scam with the United Nations for nigh on 20 years?

On TV3 Red Hone Harawira called the signing "the most significant thing to happen to Maori since the signing of the Treaty"

According to TV3 "Maori are swiftly capitalising on DRIP...and David Rankin will use this to claim the Treaty Grounds themselves"...Eddie Durie is dismissing the claim that DRIP has no power and they'll find it creeping into law in years to come".

Said Harawira ...I have absolutely no doubt that Maori people will be using the Declaration and the articles of the Declaration in claims from the Cape to the Bluff and all parted in between...Rankins case is a foretaste of things to come."

Well John Key, you let the Maori Anarchists fly their Tino Rangatiratanga flag on Auckland harbor bridge. I'm only surprised you didn't let them sell it to you as well.


Anonymous Chris said...

Was he suckered? Or is he a part of the plan?

I wouldn't dismiss that idea.

10:45 PM  

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