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Saturday, April 17, 2010

KeyWiki Making Mark

I'm pleased to announce we've had considerable interest in our new "sister" site KeyWiki.

We've got several new contributors on board and the site has been quoted or referred to by several websites.

Traffic is steady and growing, as word gets around.

Also very gratifying is the high Google ranking many of our profiles have already achieved.

Though they continually change, usual first page ranked profiles include;

*Barack Obama Committees Correspondence
*Barack Obama Democratic Socialists America
*Alice Palmer
*Jim Wallis
*Timuel Black

Even these two Democratic Congressmen do well;

*Danny K. Davis
*Bob Filner

Auckland University Marxist/Muslim Islamic studies lecturer Mohsen al Attar is also right up there.

Hundreds of other lesser known activists are also prominently listed, including Communist Party USA activist and Peoples World editor Terrie Albano, which maybe why she wanted to edit KeyWiki.

This is happening because you are reading the site and linking to the profiles.

Thanks for using KeyWiki


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