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Friday, April 23, 2010

“The Manchurian President" Coming Soon

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Coming soon...

Bestselling author and investigative journalist, Aaron Klein has joined historian Brenda J. Elliott. Their latest book, “The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists,” by WND Books (May 3, 2010), is the most exhaustive investigation into President Obama’s largely concealed personal history ever performed.


Aaron Klein is senior reporter and Jerusalem bureau chief for Internet news giant, host of “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on 77-WABC, and he is the author of several acclaimed nonfiction books. He boasts a rolodex that includes world leaders, newsmakers and some of the world’s most deadly terrorists.

Elliott is an historian, author and investigative researcher who has earned the admiration and endured the scorn of media colleagues for dogged blogging during the 2008 presidential election about Tony Rezko, William Ayers and other criminals in Obama’s clique of cronies.


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