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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Russia, China and Radical Islam Versus What's Left of the West

Most in the West have no idea that radical Islam is a tool of Russia and China.

Cross posted from KeyWiki Blog

Below is a conversation between US talk show host Michael Savage and long time prolific caller "Jimmy from Brooklyn".

"Jimmy" beautifully sums up the worldview behind this website.

Islamic terrorism is essentially controlled by Russia and China, who are still working together to destroy the US.

"Jimmy" also correctly identifies two of the most dangerous organizations within the US - the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Institute for Policy Studies.

This guy is right on the button. Listen in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heaven help us. Jimmy, I'm afraid, has it right.

Thanks, Trevor, for the post.

4:46 AM  
Blogger Cobra said...

Jimmy, you are soooooo right.
I am a political refugee from Eastern Europe and i am terrified by what I see happening to the USA and the world.
The commies are on a march to victory, led by Obama.
As for Savage, he is half right, but he doesn't expose completely how the communism happened.
And we all know why.

6:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trevor, you have an excellent blog!

You might enjoy the Final Phase Forum, which explores the Russia/China connection and the fact that Communism is far from dead.

2:29 PM  
Blogger Canterbury Atheists said...

Oi Trev,

I genuinely tried to ‘join-the-dots’ on Obama being a closet KGB mole, China and Russia being behind Al Qaeda and a take-over of The Western World – but not even my furtive imagination could grasp hold of a bizarre conspiracy theory of this magnitude – but I was never big on fiction like Dan Brown and Lord of The Rings.

So what you/these commentators are saying is when CIA backed The Taliban/Radical Islam mujahideen in their war to rid Afghanistan of Russian control in the 70’s the whole thing was an elaborate charade?

Michael Savage mentions the word “crazy” numerous times in his show – which is probably the most incisive (Freudian?) thing to come-out of his mouth.

Personally I think Obama is an evil lizard-man from Mars and one day he’s going to unpeel his suit and scare the crap out of children. From today I’m going to start phoning talk-back hosts with my ‘lizard-man’ theory till I find one who sympathises with my views and state of mental health.

100 Bucks says Jimmy has spent time in a Psych Unit for his “own protection.”

Have a great day everyone.


8:34 AM  

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