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Monday, May 31, 2010

Did Socialists Choose Democrat's VP Candidate?

It is a central theme of this blog that Barack Obama was promoted to the presidency of the United States, by several Marxist groups including Democratic Socialists of America.

While this sounds far - fetched to some, there is nothing new about socialists working inside the Democratic Party to put "their" candidates into very high positions.

The late Millie Jeffrey was a leader in the United Auto Workers and an high ranking Democrat for decades.

In 2000 President Bill Clinton presented Millie Jeffrey, with the nation's highest civilian honor bestowed by the U.S. Government, the Presidential Medal Of Freedom, with a citation, saying those awarded "have helped America to achieve freedom."

Millie Jeffrey, red dress

In the 1950 and 60s, Jeffrey was a Democratic Party National committeewoman from Michigan. In 1960, she helped campaign for John F Kennedy, as a member of the Democratic National Committee.

After mobilizing the Michigan Democratic Party behind JFK in 1960, she then reportedly pushed JFK to initiate the Peace Corps.

Millie Jeffrey quit the DNC in the late 60s to protest the Vietnam War and to work for Robert Kennedy.

Less publicized were the facts that Millie Jeffrey was also a long time leader of Democratic Socialists of America, a 'midwife' to the radical Students for a Democratic Society and a veteran of the communist infiltrated Womens International League for Peace and Freedom.

Jeffrey also traveled to the Soviet Union in 1969 and to the Peoples Republic of China in 1974.

According to Democratic Socialists of America member and prominent journalist Harold Meyerson, Millie Jeffrey remained highly influential inside the Democratic Party.

From DSA's Democratic Left, Spring 2004
In the early ‘70s, during her final years on the staff of the United Auto Workers, she helped found the National Women’s Political Caucus and launched a decade-long campaign to have Democratic National Convention delegate slots divided equally between men and women.''

From her perch on several Democratic Party commissions, and using the contacts she’d acquired in 40 years of liberal activism, Millie built enough support for this wild-eyed notion that it was adopted by the 1980 convention.
That wasn't all Millie Jeffrey achieved. She and a group of "co-conspirators" succeeded in placing left leaning Geraldine Ferraro on the Democrat ticket as the Party's first female vice Presidential candidate.
Millie then became “the unelected leader,” in the words of her co-conspirator Joanne Howes, of a committee of seven Democratic women promoting the idea of a female vice presidential candidate on the 1984 ticket. “By the fall of 1983,” recalls Howes, “we came to the conclusion that the right person was Gerry Ferraro” – then an obscure member of Congress from Queens. That required
augmenting Ferraro’s visibility and bona fides, and as a result of “Millie’s strategic thinking,” says Howes, the group successfully pressured the party and Walter Mondale to make Ferraro chair of the convention platform committee. The rest is herstory.
This is a good insight into how the US left works inside the "Democratic" Party. A small group of Party 'insiders', led by a well connected socialist, had a good shot at putting 'their' candidate into the Number 2 spot in the White House.

Let's all be thankful for Ronald Reagan.

In 20 years time, will Democratic Socialists of America, or their Communist Party and Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism allies finally admit their role in putting Barack Obama into the White House?


Blogger BF Admin said...

Doesn't sound far fetched to me. In fact, I think their actions are becoming more obvious by the day.

5:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good article to link it to Farrakhan.

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Makes chilling sense to me. He was their ideal candidate because "Political Correctness" and/or fear of being labeled a racist keeps too many people silent when they should be screaming from the roof tops.

9:09 AM  
Blogger The Conservative Lady said...

Thank you for continuing to expose the truth.

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Steve Nice Guy Northland said...


9:16 PM  
Blogger Canterbury Atheists said...

Oi Trev, looking at the above photo I was wondering when are you going to cover Al and Tipper’s marriage break-up, mate?

The Gores were the ‘poster couple’ of what is great about God-fearing right-wing America and in contrast the Clintons were the off-spring of Beelzebub.

So given Bills and Hillary’s well-publicised marital issues, it’s interesting they could reconcile and maintain a relationship.

Yet here’s Al and Tipper (who at one stage wanted to censor music CD’s) who can’t make their marriage work and used in the most despicable way the Clintons marital problems politically to strengthen his position with voters.

Was Al caught with an intern under his desk?

Tipper and the pool-boy?

An investigative journalist like you must surely have all the gossip (or 'truth' as you like it to be known)why Al Gore and his mrs have split?

I'm waiting with baited breath for all the gossip about the sanctimonious Gores now sleeping in different beds.

All the best.


11:39 AM  
Blogger Lisa G in NZ said...

Canterbury, mate... The Gores being "right wing" (haha! big laugh when I read that)... do all NZ accents sound exactly like Australians? Does sugar taste exactly like salt?


3:28 PM  
Blogger Canterbury Atheists said...

Republican Al Gore was quick to throw the sh*t around when Bill & Hillary where having their issues and when there was a vote in it for him.

Now he needs to expect some of it back and the same with his stupidly named wife who wanted to censure all music CD’s.

She’s just as sanctimonious as her hubby.

$20 bucks says there’s been some stray-rooting taking place.

See Ya.


PS: This blog use to be so much better when it dealt with local politics.

4:46 PM  
Blogger Lisa G in NZ said...

ummmmm... Al Gore is a card-carrying-commie-marxist, AGW-lovin', Rachel Carson followin' Democrat

... what planet u on Canterbury?

hello, McFly? (someone give ol' Canterbury a homer simpson noogie or slap upside the head please? thanks)

9:23 PM  

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