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Friday, June 11, 2010

Communists Plan Obama/Democrat Comeback in November 2010

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Excerpts from a special report to the recent 29th National Convention of the Communist Party USA, by Joelle Fishman. Joelle Fishman role in the Communist Party's Political Action Commission, which gives her responsibility for organizing Party support for "progressive" Democratic Party candidates at the state, congressional, senate and presidential level. She is also, incidentally, the daughter - in - law of late Soviet spy, Victor Perlo

Joelle Fishman addresses CPUSA 29th Convention

Fishman acknowledges that the Communist Party supported Barack Obama in 2008 - though certainly not for the first time.
The 2010 elections are at the center of the struggle for working class relief from economic crisis, poverty, inequality and environmental devastation. Why? Because this election will either solidify the progressive breakthrough of 2008, or send the country reeling backward. Barack Obama's election as president was a victory won by an amazing broad alliance of which we were a part. Our contribution focused on building unity, challenging racism and expanding voter participation.
She then quotes party chairman Sam Webb and goes on to stress the pivotal nature of the 2010 mid - term elections.
This was an extraordinary expression of political independence from the extreme right wing. As Sam's report reminds us, five years ago our major battle was entirely on the defensive under George W. Bush. The question of how we expand and build on this political independence has been a big part of the pre-convention discussion. The 2010 mid-term elections represent the next step of our continuing project to decisively defeat the extreme right-wing and expand democratic rights, including ridding the federal government of entrenched corporate interests. All 435 House seats and a third of senate seats are up for election. A shift of 45 seats in the House and six in the senate would give Republicans the majority. Top battleground states for the Senate are California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri and Ohio. We are up against a rabid right-wing that refuses to accept the election of the first Black president. Republicans in Congress thought they could bring down the presidency by blocking health care reform. The Tea Party was birthed by media extremists and racist elements to break up the unity of 2008. They were able to change the debate and peel off some Democratic votes, but they were not able to stop the legislation. Newt Gingrich is attempting to frame the 2010 elections with a new Contract on America to whip up hysteria that government spending for social needs is against the interests of working people. This election is about the ability of families and youth to make it through this economic crisis. In the first place it is about the federal government investing in job creation targeted to the highest poverty areas with training for displaced workers and young people. It is about relief for cities and towns, education and youth programs, housing and health care. Working people are angry and searching for solutions. Voters' anger can be turned into collective action for a pro-worker agenda or it can become manipulated by right-wing populism. So far there are examples of both taking place. Our focus is on building up the strength of the labor movement, racially oppressed, women, youth along with LGBT, environment and peace allies as part of the broad electoral alliance This goes beyond any one election to the need for organizing a lasting movement and building working class leadership in our country that can reorder priorities and change foreign policy.
Fishman then goes on to trumpet the successes of the labor movement in countering the "Tea Party" movement, the Republicans and "moderate" Democrats.
The election of President Obama opened a door. The challenge to us and the labor and people's organizations is to walk through that door in the millions with mass struggle for jobs and relief. The anger of workers was turned into unity against the financial institutions in big mass actions during May Day week. Joint labor - immigrant rights marches and civil disobedience protests against the Arizona law represent the kind of unity that can increase workers' strength in the elections and improve the balance in Congress. In Western Pennsylvania, Republicans poured $10 million into capturing the seat that was held by Rep John Murtha, but they did not succeed. Workers responded to the message of their unions. They rejected slanders against Democrat Mark Critz and attacks on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Obama. A strong challenge to conservative Democrat Arkansas Sen Blanche Lincoln has forced her into a runoff election after she voted against health care reform. This campaign shows it is possible to enlarge the number of Democrats in the Congressional Progressive, Black, Hispanic and Asian Pacific caucuses and change the dynamics against the ultra-right within Congress. Yet the Tea Party is making in-roads within the Republican primaries, spreading their poison with big money at their disposal. Richard Trumka's leadership of the AFL-CIO is providing clarity and maintaining unity by showing how racism hurts all workers and by exposing corporate greed. Showing that the money is there for jobs and community needs by taxing the rich and corporations, cutting the military budget, and ending the wars is a further contribution to unity. Helping develop labor's infrastructure to educate members and bring out the vote is at the center of political independence. This is a training ground for union leaders to run and win election to public office. It is the foundation for a future labor and people's political party. The Hill reported on a survey (5/12/10) showing 80% of people see problems with the two party system. A progressive labor and people's electoral structure like Working America, or Working Families Party must be clear and present or the only visible alternative will be the right-wing. The Communist Party must also be plainly visible on the issues, utilizing our websites, e-mail, social networking, the downloadable print edition and other materials. Each will strengthen the other. A Pew survey last week showed that half of young people think socialism is better than capitalism.
Fishman then urges the party to register and turn - out voters in the November elections.
Turnout will be key in the 2010 elections. This includes registering new voters and reaching out to voters in every area. On the weekend of June 5, Organizing for America will hold kickoff canvasses across the country to visit the15 million first time voters who took part in the 2008 elections. Elections are won and lost in precincts, wards, election districts. Every need at the local level depends on the results of the 2010 election. We should take a look and see in what congressional districts with key races we can bring our publications, establish a new club, or build up an existing one and participate with labor and other community groups. In a close election a few votes can make the difference. A lasting organization can make an even bigger difference. This approach can also open the door to more Communists running for public office on whatever ticket as part of grass roots coalitions.
Fishman gives two recent examples of what can be achieved by communists working through the Democratic Party , with union and "community group" support. Communist Party members Rick Nagin and Rudy Lozano, Jr. both almost won elections in Cleveland Ohio and Chicago Illinois in recent months, running as Democrats.
Rick Nagin's campaign in Cleveland last summer and the Chicago campaign at the beginning of this year were an early start to the 2010 elections. These campaigns were also walking through the door opened by the Obama election victory, projecting a people before profits approach to local issues.
Rick Nagi, center, campaigning with Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Rick Nagin, center, campaigning with Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Fishman ends will a call to action in the weeks remaining until November.
We should revisit the initiative from our last convention and create a network of Communist and left elected officials to share problems, experiences and play a role in bringing the grass roots to the fore. Let's leave here at full speed for the 24 weeks between now and Election Day November 2, 2010.
While Fishman's party is only a few thousand strong, it has significant influence in the labor unions, the Democratic Party at all levels, churches and organizations such as ACORN and United for Peace and Justice and dozens of other many thousand strong organizations.

The Communist Party is the backbone the Democrats have long since lost.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There seems to be a war in the Democratic party that I think the 2010 elections will only make worse.

1:34 AM  
Anonymous Tim Martin said...

The Communist/Progressive movement is doubling down. They got their friend Barack Obama elected with the expectation he would make huge "gains" in transforming The United States of America into the United Socialist States of America.

Real Conservative candidates are making gains, promoting liberty, the Constitution, and shrinking the Federal Government to its proper role. The Communist/Progressives are feeling like their gains via Obama are in jeopardy. This lends to their call to action to push back the tide of freedom, and force the advance of tyranny.

6:28 AM  
Blogger Cobra said...

The commies are going to fight an all out war against the patriotic Americans for the coming elections.
Witness the several attacks on tea Party Americans this week.
Things will go exponentially worse, as the commies know that the current Attorney General is one of them and Obama will not hesitate to use any means to quell the anger in America.

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting. I'm reading Whittaker Chambers' classic "Witness."

Last night I read the section where he is "assigned" to the apparatus -- the underground, a move he doesn't want to make -- and his wife was against. But he was told he had no choice.


Also read that in order to be part of the underground apparatus, he had to quit the open Communist Party of America.

Interesting, huh. In other words, there were devoted revolutionaries who were FORBIDDEN to be members of the Communist Party (the open one, not the "shadow" one).

Decades have passed, but when I read the material still coming out of the CPUSA, I wonder how many devoted revolutionaries are not open members?

But the level of propaganda, the demonization of true patriots and Constitutional Americans, I see here and really all around us, well -- some things haven't changed much.

We MUST stand in defense of our Constitutional Republic against these people. And if you haven't read Chambers' book, please do.

10:58 AM  
Blogger Cobra said...

Do you know that Clinton was suspected by some to be a KGB plant inside our government (at the top)?
Do you know that there is a guy who heard in Moscow from ex KGB people, at the beginning of 1990s decade, that a person who fits perfectly the Obama persona, and a communist, WILL BECOME the president of the USA?
If we do not fight them NOW, we lost. It's as simple and frightening as this.

11:59 AM  

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