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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Dennis Prager on the Greatest Threat to America

This is superb!

Dennis Prager on why America is great and why it is threatened.

Great to see Sarah Palin in obvious agreement.

Thanks to Graham.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very well said.

2:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please pass this along. WE NEED INVIGORATION. We're not yet in shape for a "battle" (of ideas, of political stance, of morality; please, I do not mean physical violence here) of this magnitude.

Thanks so much for posting this.

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Nancy said...

Another wonderful message for freedom loving people. I only pray that those who are mislead, brainwashed, or otherwise confused can see this and GET IT!

11:49 PM  
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4:49 AM  

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