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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From the Propaganda Wars

A documentary clip from left leaning U.S. TV station The Real News

The argument centers around the "Cuban 5" a ring of Cuban spies, jailed over 10 years ago in the U.S.

The Committee to Free the "Cuban 5" is trying to argue that the the spies did not get a fair trial in Miami, because the local press was heavily against them - and some of the journalists involved were receiving some government money at the time.

What the clip doesn't say is that the Committee to Free the "Cuban 5" is a pro communist group. Its spokesman here is Gloria La Riva, a long time veteran of the pro North Korea and Cuba, Workers World Party, now a leader of the breakaway, Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Note that the "Cuban 5"'s counsel is radical lawyer Leonard Weinglass. In 2007 Weinglass was involved the Movement for a Democratic Society, a marxist alliance led by, among others, former Weather Underground terrorist leaders BernardineDohrn, Jeff Jones and Mark Rudd and Progressives for Obama founders Bill Fletcher, Jr., Barbara Ehrenreich, Tom Hayden and Carl Davidson.

It will be very interesting to see if the Obama Administration releases the "Cuban 5" some time in the next two years.

After all, bridge building with Cuba is very much part of the Obama agenda.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, please, PLEASE post a link to the assertion that some of the journalists were "getting government money" at the time! Could be useful regarding the "transformation" of the press effort we are seeing now!

Annie in MA, USA

1:13 AM  

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