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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

KeyWiki Down....Up

Unfortunately our KeyWiki sister site has crashed. We are working to get it back online A.S.A.P.

Glenn Beck mentioned both KeyWiki and New Zeal on his radio show yesterday and traffic has gone crazy.

Thanks very much for the emails, Facebook invitations, twitter follows and very kind donations that have been rolling in.

More posts later today.


Update - KeyWiki, our online encyclopedia of the US left has just come back online.

Check out our Barack Obama page.

Plus Obama and the Communist Party
Obama and Democratic Socialists of America
Obama and Committees of Correspondence
Obama and the NewParty/Progressive Chicago

More than 40,000 pages dealing mainly with U.S. leftists, radicals and "progressives". Check out your favorite radical or leftist Congressman on KeyWiki.


Anonymous Theferrell said...

That is awesome... well, in a way :P
Keep it up man, keep getting the truth out there.

8:31 AM  
Blogger Christinewjc said...

Yes Trevor! Keep sharing the truth with the world - especially all of the vital information you have gathered about Obama!

I heard Glenn mention your two sites on his radio program. He also stated that he wondered if you were a "Birther" or not. He and his co-hosts dithered about the possibility a bit, then Glenn said that he (paraphrased here) 'doesn't have to agree with everything one writes on a blog' to know that certain bloggers are truly engaged with sharing important information that the Lamestream media won't touch.

As was stated on one of his previous T.V. shows - blog writers are the new, modern breed of the "pamphleteers" from the past. I chuckled about that a bit. Your audience is lightyears greater than that! LOL!

Congratulations on the success of both sites! You certainly deserve the recognition and the accolades.

Sincerely, (One of the so-called Birthers who has often been called derogatory names for it!)

11:33 AM  

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