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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Terrorism Doco and an American Hero

Here's an excellent late 1970s/early 80s documentary on terrorism from my FaceBook friend G. Edward Griffin. the P.L.O., F.A.L.N., Weather Underground - all the bad guys are there. Now some of them are running the show.

Note the commentary from late U.S. Congressman Larry McDonald, a personal hero of mine.

Lawrence Patton McDonald, M.D. (April 1, 1935 – September 1, 1983) , represented the seventh congressional district of Georgia as a Democrat - back when many Democrats were still patriots. Yes he was a cousin of General George S. Patton.

McDonald was a passenger on board Korean Air Flight 007 shot down by Soviet interceptors in 1983 and presumed dead.

McDonald was one of the greatest "internal security" champions the U.S. Congress ever produced. For years he successfully campaigned to expose the activities of communist and terrorist groups operating within the United States.

If the Soviets did not know Larry McDonald was on board the plane they shot down, I would be very surprised.

McDonald was a major thorn in their side. Had he lived the U.S. would have been a much safer and greater country than it is today.

I regret never meeting the man.


Blogger XLSuperGrip said...

Brilliant video. As a (relative) youngster, it really puts my very limited historical/political knowledge in perspective.

What I find truely shocking is that, even though this process has been known for decades, we continue on the same tragectory in absolute ignorance. In particular, about 53 minutes in with the discussion of the destruction of internal/domestic intelligence - this was made in the late 1970s, yet only in 1997 after the Labour landslide victory in the general election of that year, here in the UK, the left quite openly destroys our entire intelligence record of groups and individuals associated with Marxist/Leninist/Trotskyite movements, and this highly significant progression is entirely ignored.

Consequently, and as only revealed by one of my favourite journalists Peter Hitchins; John Reid, Tony McNulty, Peter Mandelson, Alistair Darling, and so on all slip into the highest office (including the Treasury, Home Office, and most disturbingly, Defence) with the electorate entirely ignorant of thier revolutionary pasts. Even Prime Minister Blair was involved with the CND, yet the electorate simply do not know as the conduits of such information have been destroyed.

Again, brilliant video, really got me thinking. Please post more like it! :)

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding repetitive, you may appreciate Whittaker Chambers' book "Witness." I'm about halfway through and see the pattern there.

What a network Marxists and Maoists had throughout the world even in the 1920s and 30s. McCarthy and HUAC and Chambers managed to slow it down (and it cost McCarthy everything), but it's been infecting the world ever since.

Remember that the articles written about McCarthy were composed by (or using quotes from) a journalist who was being impacted by the KGB.

Read the beginning of Ann Coulter's book Treason for a good, brief reassessment of McCarthy. If you think that sounds whacky -- just think of this:

For his firstborn child, Bobby Kennedy wanted Joseph McCarthy to be her godfather.

11:51 AM  
Blogger XLSuperGrip said...

Shocking, university library actually has Whittaker Chambers book!

When I was looking to get hold of some of Herman Kahns work earlier in the year, found absolutely nothing, even from cross-uni transfer, and ended up buying OTNW. Surprising how selective, even a university like Plymouth which has a considerable humanities department, is with the books they hold.

I'm no political expert, but from my area of expertise (Environment), texts on eco-socialism and similar outnumber J. L. Simon and the like about 50-1. And people wonder why universities are the breeding grounds of the extreme left... -.-

But thats enough of that rant...

12:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Notice in minutes 53 - 54 the elimination of agencies and departments whose aim was to prevent infiltration of our government by Communists.

That is not "accidental."

I'm sorry our children do not understand how Communism works -- and how the Communist Party are using -- not just "fellow travelers" who might call themselves Progressives or even Liberals -- but actual terror and "compassion" as well as religion (both Islamic jihad and Liberation theology, for example) to further their true cause. This ignorance, perpetrated on them by our educational system, our media, and even by our own blindness the past few decades, will cost us -- IS costing us -- so much.

Please keep up the great work, Trevor. And God Bless.

5:03 PM  
Anonymous republicanmother said...

Thank you so much for highlighting one of the few American politicians who would stand up for our Constitution. I have blogged about him also.

I'm starting to understand why the John Birch Society, of which Larry McDonald was president, was so maligned. Everything they said would happen has come to pass!

5:23 AM  
Blogger john mario colarossi said...

Well said repub.mother, I kept all of my "new americans" from the '90's 'til '04. J.B.S. chronicled & accurately reported the exploits of the left and what a travesty the clinton adm. was. Eighty percent of the clintonistas are in our current bolshevik's adm., causing even more treasonous damage than the clintons' could dream up,(the m.i.r.v. & stage separation technology he sold to the p.r.o.c. for 100 thou.$ in campaign contributions,& the 100 bill.$ taxpayer bailout of the russians, after soros destroyed the ruble, excluded). Both of them's money man(soros) has been keeping very busy in the obama adm. also. Beck broke the story about petrobas, soros, obama adm. govt. loans to soros, and the podestas. Glen better watch, he just hit the nerve of the tooth. A rewatching of "the omen", might be in order for all of us. I also 2nd the motion, thanks for all of your good work Trevor, God bless you.

5:08 AM  
Blogger john mario colarossi said...

The mainstream media at the time, tried to pin the J.F.K. assasination on the J.B.S., until they found out that it was one of their own in ideology, lee harvey oswald. I apologize for not putting this in the previous post.

5:17 AM  

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