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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ohio Communist Rick Nagin, on Defeating Republicans in November

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Rick Nagin is a leader of the Communist Party USA in Ohio.

Like many communists, Nagin is also a Democrat, almost succeeding in securing a Cleveland City Council, running as a Democrat in 2009.

Rick Nagin has an history with Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich. He served as Kucinich's Labor Coordinator in the 2008 primary and in return Kucinich endorsed Nagin during his 2009 Council run.

Dennis Kucinich supports Rick Nagin's 2009 Council race

In 2008 Rick Nagin was a fulltime volunteer in the AFL-CIO Labor 2008 campaign for Barack Obama.

In the latest Peoples World, Rick Nagin impresses on his fellow communists, the vital importance of defeating the Republicans in November's mid term elections.
Defeating the Republicans in November must be the top priority for all progressives. The pundits tell us incessantly that Democrats will lose seats and possibly control of Congress because usually (but not always) this is what happens to the party in power in midterm elections. The Republicans hope this narrative will help demoralize Democratic voters, but their main message is that President Obama and the Democrats are responsible for the unrelenting economic crisis.

This crisis was caused by the Republicans and the Republicans are doing everything possible to sustain and aggravate it. If they do gain seats in November, we can expect further gridlock in order to set the stage for a return to power in 2012.

Given the fierce resistance the Republicans have mounted to all steps to relieve the crisis, the claim that the Democrats are responsible for the continued high unemployment and despair is nothing but Big Lie propaganda. It is the Republicans, not the Democrats, who have blocked extending unemployment benefits and further stimulus packages like the Brown-Miller jobs bills...

Anyone who blames the Democrats for the ongoing crisis or accepts the phony concern about the deficit has fallen victim to cynical Republican Big Lie propaganda.

Unfortunately this includes some on the left who seem more inclined to attack Obama and the Democrats than to build the movement to defeat the ultra-right. That movement depends on electing Democrats, some of whom may in fact be less than inspiring. But only if Democrats are elected will the progressive movement have the time and space to grow. The 30 years of increasingly rightwing governments, beginning with the Reagan administration, were very difficult for labor and all its allies, including the progressive movement.

If the right wing returns to power, the situation will be much worse. The Bush-Cheney administration will be mild in comparison. The rightwing is hell-bent to destroy the current administration and guarantee that nothing like Barack Obama happens again. They will mount an unprecedented attack on the living standards and rights of labor and the American people. The assault on the environment and the military threat to all nations on earth will escalate. Given the blatantly fascist orientation of the corporate-funded Tea Party and their cheerleaders in the media and much of the Republican Party, the dangers inherent in the November elections must be a clarion call to action for all of labor and all democratic and progressive-minded people.

Those who minimize the importance of the elections or, worse, have already accepted defeat, are irresponsibly playing directly into the hands of the enemy. An all out effort is needed to defeat the Republicans in November.
Rick Nagin understands the consequences of not defeating the Republicans and the Tea Party Movement in November.

Do the the Republicans understand the consequences of not defeating the Communists and the Democrats?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's really sad is the communists & progressives really believe this!

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Leo Kline said...

The truly sad part is that all of the accusations this gentleman makes are completely false. Anyone who looks into the progressive movement will see that it is the democrat party that is sustaining this recession. Mr. Nagin believes, like all communist, marxists, progressives believe, that they are the ones that should "think and control" the way out of the poor economic state we find ourselves in. What Mr. Nagin fails to realize is that the key to immediate success and bounce-back from the trouble we are in is to abolish the 16th Amendment and institute the fair tax, abolish the 17th Amendment and begin to let the people of this country do what they do best, work and produce. The answer is with the individual, not with bureaucracies, political parties, or Mr. Nagin.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are worried ... good.

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing in a terrifing way. I am formerly from the Cleveland area. The idea of there being active Communists makes me feel as though I am living in some alternate universe. I pray we can turn this thing around and make these sickos' wait another 100 years to put their plan into action.

12:02 PM  
Blogger Ronbo said...

The good news is that these Communist rats must live in the dark sewers living on crap in order to survive.

If they are exposed to the light of truth as "Communist rats and traitors" they will die.

I say if this country is plunged into civil war as a result of their actions they should all be terminated with extreme prejudice.

The only good Communist rat is a dead Communist rat.

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These people are very scary. We have to stop them or America will fall and the rest of the world with it.

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The left right democrap republicrap paradigm is inadequate and misses the point. One can look at different forms of government on a continuum with one end being anarchy (no government) and the other end being Totalitarianism (total government control of everything). It is a fact of history that all democracies have lasted approx. 200 years and then have devolved into totalitarian regimes. There is only one reason our beloved America will not go the same way. That reason is the greatest document ever written, the Constitution. Since the 60's (again, history) our government has grown and grown, and individual rights (like the right to the fruits of your own labor) have receded. BOTH parties have done this, and only through true constitutional adherence and an educated public will we be able to roll all this economic and freedom killing carnage back. In other words, less government=more liberty. That is the prism with which to judge every politician. My guess is that if this guy espouses communism, well, he is off my list. If I ran into him in a dark alley I might, oh, never mind.

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, good, another name and photo for the Reckoning.

The file is getting thick. Gonna be busy...

9:09 AM  
Blogger brewmiester said...

While it is true that a Democracy normally only lasts 200 years, that is not the form of government that our founding fathers set-up for America. They set-up a Constitutional Republic, were the Constitution is the rule of law, not popular vote. Yes we have Democratically elected representatives, but they are supposed to abide by the Constitution. I totally agree with the rest of your comment. It goes way beyond political parties. We need to chose our representatives based on wether they will follow the Constitution or not. The Constitution calls for a very limited and small federal government, not one that takes care of your every need and tells you what you can and can't do.

8:20 AM  

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