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Monday, July 05, 2010

U.S.Set to Improve Ties to Russia - Says Clinton

Not good.

From Novosti

The United States are set to improve ties with Russia, though they will keep on defending their political interests, U.S. Secretary of State said on Sunday.

Hillary Clinton, who is visiting Armenia under her trip to Eastern Europe and the Caucasus region, said the United States' and Russian views proved to move closer concerning, among the others, Iran and Afghanistan issues...

Clinton said that people all over the world should be convinced that the United States and Russia would closely cooperate on solving all the problems.


Blogger Katie K said...

Could be empty talk. Neither Mrs. Clinton nor Obama nor the combination of their two brilliant minds can solve "all the problems" between America & Russia - how arrogant! They have spies in our country for crying out loud - we're NOT bff's.

Or, are we kissing butt to get more of their oil, since we're about to permanently shut off our supply from the Gulf of Mexico?

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3:42 PM  
Blogger XLSuperGrip said...

@ Katie K, was going so same exactly the same thing! How, within a matter of days of discovering extensive Russian sleeper networks throughout the US, and US allies in Europe, can the current admin start talking about improving ties and solving problems? And frankly this is only a minor issue, the Russia-Georgia crisis is still ongoing, it is just no longer reported...They invaded a soveriegn, democratic nation within the past 3 years for crying out loud! And you want to improve relations with them? And then theres the gas-line blackmailing of Ukraine, and blatant interferance with Ukraines elections...I could on...

There are various reasons to focus on Russia, oil/gas as you mention, and no doubt the US is concerned about rapidly improving relations (namely massive cooperation in military programmes) between Russia and China, but is 'soft' politics like this really the answer? Russia ain't a nice country, it is run by pyschotic ogliarchs and former KGB. Reporters are still routinely assasinated when they try to expose the truth. Thus direction of the current US admin is dangerous, and encourages Russia's backward, brutal politics...

1:03 AM  
Blogger kerrcarto said...

Why not, our government is full of marxist/communists right now, so it is just natural. We have become infested. We need an exterminator to clean out the house.

And no I am not calling for people to be killed. Just run out of this country.

4:27 AM  

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