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Sunday, August 08, 2010

New From "CommieBlaster"

CommieBlaster put this together. Some very good stuff in here - especially the ACORN material.

Obama is either lying to you, or he's lying to ACORN -you decide.

Loved the intro by the late Herb Philbrick. This man was known to friends of mine. He infiltrated the Communist Party USA for the F.B.I. in the 1950s and dedicated the rest of his life to exposing and educating people about communist activities.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of us in the USA have "signed up" for this criminal conspiracy through the Social Security system abandoning our God given liberty. Compare the language of the SSA 0f 1935 with Ch. 10 of the USSR Constitution and you will see it (the parts of it that are there) is word for word. This is the platform of the DFL party.

"Social Insurance", along with organized labor (unions) are what "communism" is.

"Policies of insurance are maritime contracts" regulated by "international law" (admiralty jurisdiction). Our freedoms are only protected by the common-law exercised by the original State governments.

The "federal" government exercises "international law" which no one can be subject to but by his consent (contract). Admiralty jurisdiction is a military authority that does not recognize and protect rights, it enforces law (contract).

Once you have signed your name on the bottom of a piece of paper, govt. can write in anything after the fact above your signature and you are contractually bound to "obey". "Rights" arguments are not relevant in a "contract" dispute. You have waived them in exchange for the contractual "privilege". SURPRISE!!!

1:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone know where we can access the document shown at the end of the video "Soviet Apparatus in the United States for Active Measures"? Thanks and God Bless the USA and Trevor Loudon!

2:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a great video! The problem is most people who don't read your blog won't see it. I have a few friends that need to see this but get mad every time I send things to wake them up & yet they have blinders on. I'm so glad that you are here because a lot of us want to know the truth.

Love you
El Paso Texas

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cause of free market economic collapse is due to the private risk takers fear of over regulation due to a Government fear of over population evolution in the world today . We are witnessing history repeat itself only on a grand scale of worldwide portions . This time was Planned in 1974, , , and the plan evolved , , , and the plan is Now in todays light expressed here in these links ,

News medias should force political debate on this out into the Public because this is what we see the stumbling over policy as they try and cover up this issue but implement ways to curb it .

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Water Shortages in the world and USA is whats driving the elite to hoard and consolidate wealth and resources and write restrictive regulatory policies that will ration and limit the majority of the populations activities as the freedom train comes grinding to a halt .

Wake up and realize Exactly what happens once we run out of water?
Seems as though Government is mopping up the capital formation in the private sector by creation of deficit spending rather than cutting back on spending with the reduction of tax revenues , while trying to appear to be devoted to finding ways to expand the growth of the private sector to create jobs which extending the Bush Tax cuts would do in stabilizing what is now a unsettled private enterprise sector that if these tax cuts were known to continue risk appetite in the free capital markets would return and with it JOBS , which the Environmentalist Marxist organizations are demanding be stopped because when People do work they are causing too much Damage to the earth so it would be better if the Communist Government would evolve and dictate what people do , like walk around in the Gulags called Camp FEMA , which is the base supporter of these political policy makers today , so you can see why we are stagnate . Without proper Constitutional Government Leadership I bet WW3 will be between the General populous and the Environmentalist Marxist Organizations once the populous finally wake up in their corners of the world surrounded by the regulations that put them there .

3:40 PM  

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