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Monday, August 16, 2010

Resource Sterilisation Endangers National Security

This principle also applies to many Western nations, including New Zealand.

From Viv Forbes of the Australian Carbon Sense Coalition

The Carbon Sense Coalition today claimed that extreme conservationists were endangering Australia’s national security.

Forbes explained:

“Extreme conservation policies are sterilising so much of Australia’s resources that it is becoming a threat to our national security.

“Most wars are about land and resources.

“In the colonial era, aggressive Europeans swarmed into Africa, the Americas and Australia attracted by underused land, minerals and timber. More recently, Hitler invaded Eastern Europe and Russia in the search for “living space” and access to Black Sea oil and Japan went to war attracted by the resources of South East Asia and Australia.

“Australia is the odd man of Asia – a huge land mass with a small population.

“Our populous and rapidly developing northern neighbours need the primary products that Australia has in abundance – food, fibres, minerals and energy. So they note with disbelief the way in which Australia is sterilising these valuable resources.

“They see precious agricultural and forest land being swallowed by National Parks, World Heritage Reservations, Environmental Parks, Wild Rivers Declarations, Indigenous reservations and bans on land clearing. Unbelievably we have nine protected Wild Rivers, 11 World Heritage properties, 516 National Parks, 2,700 designated conservation areas and huge areas of government leasehold and aboriginal land. The latest proposal is a continuous conservation corridor running from Melbourne to Atherton. In all of these areas, agricultural and mining production are prohibited or increasingly restricted.

“Our neighbours look on in amazement as foresters are locked out of State Forests, water courses become no-go zones for graziers and irrigation water is withdrawn from farmers and orchardists. Soon the whole Coral Sea will be locked up and beaches made off limits to fishermen. Future Australians are in danger of becoming a nation of peasants, poachers and smugglers in their own land.

“Asia needs our abundant energy resources of coal, gas, oil shale and uranium. But they watch in disbelief as uranium mining is banned, gas is wasted in power generation, mining taxes are increased and there are threats to tax carbon and close our coal mines and power stations.

“History has no examples where a small number of self-indulgent people have managed to squat on valuable land and idle resources forever. And our historic protectors are no longer invincible – the Royal Navy no longer controls the Indian Ocean or the South China Sea and the US Navy is no longer unchallenged in the Pacific.

“Today the refugee flotilla is unarmed. If we continue sterilising our resources of land, oceans, food, minerals and energy, future fleets may not submit peacefully to Australian boarding parties.”


Blogger Jim said...

its the same thing our government has done in usa.we have plenty of oil, natural gas, and coal to last way beyond new energy sources but our wonderfull government has put us in a spot where we have to buy oil from countries that hate us and that is behind obama's banning of drilling in the gulf. no one wants to talk about it but i believe he knew about the gulf disaster long before it happened. 3 weeks before it happened obama changed his mind and said he was willing to drill of florida and carolina. at about the same time his buddies at goldman sachs dropped 44% of their shares in bp. wow what foresight. earlier in the year obama gave bp a safety award. the same company that had been hit with over 700 safety violations over the last 5 years costing alot of lives. to many coincidences for me.

5:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim, I thought the same thing myself. I could go further with other thoughts but it might scare even you. :)

One must keep in mind who we're dealing with...

Marxists want their utopia on earth, utopia has become passe, but to them it's a realistic concept. Keeping in mind their ideology that - man is but an animal - how do they intend to achieve their goal plus live longer to enjoy it...

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forbes is clearly ill informed as the proposal to establish protection in the Coral Sea doesn't start until beyond the borders of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park - 100kms off shore at the closest point. Obviously beaches are not going to be made off limits to fishermen with such a proposal.

10:50 AM  

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