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Friday, October 01, 2010

Farrakhan, New Black Panthers, President of Iran - Knock Heads Together

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan and the New Black Panthers (not to be confused with the Black Panther Party, disolved in 1976) dined with President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday, September 21.

Farrakhan is the man who stated, "I can never forget Iran - Iran has beautiful Muslims. You don't know how much our Muslim world is anxious to see the enemy handcuffed. ...the enemy - the British and the Americans have created all of that havoc in the Islamic world. And imagine us rising up in America at a time when there's no superpower to deal with us and God with us - is the power that's gonna deal with America." (see video below)

Back in 2002, New Black Panther Party Chairman Malik Shabazz said that Osama bin Laden should be given respect, because "he’s bringing reform to the world." He also refers to him as a brother, and a bold man. (see video below)

RedWhiteBlueNews reports,

"Ahmadinejad shared a hush-hush meal with Farrakhan and members of the New Black Panther Party Tuesday at the Warwick Hotel on West 54th Street.
The meeting of the podium smackers took place in a banquet room, where the fiery leaders presumably exchanged theories on what’s wrong with the world."

You're naive if you think that all they were doing is discussing what's wrong with the World. Here's a leader who considers the United States to be "the enemy", and a radical group who hold up 9/11 orchestrator Osama Bin Laden as "a bold man", sitting down with the President of Iran who believes that "capitalism has failed", and that the World needs a new form of global governance which has reverted to "the divine mindset", in a high-security, top-secret meeting.

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Anonymous Steve Nice Guy Northland said...

Trevor......truly you do disappoint me. You are a man without balls !

Consistently you have failed to answer or account for the bizzo of H-ACT (Hypocrites-Association of Crooks & Thieves), of which you were VP. And so proud of it too !

Does this signal that that you are no longer in control of New Zeal ? That for $US Mammon you have relinquished editorial control. Well, probably....I guess. ACT people were always flakey.

What beats me Trev is that this is a matter of the quality of our "governance". We find that Rodney Love Perks is actually a corrupt gargoyle. Don't that worry you mate ?

Have some balls Trev, you thicko (was always apparent BTW). Stand up, answer for the ACT shit you peddled for years - until you got bought out by the limitless money of right-wing nutter fatso Yanks. You are a sad, I daresay relatively rich man.

Oh.......that is SOOOOO ACT. Cheap self interest. No Morals I Say !

Ka Kite. Have some balls Trev !

11:17 PM  
Blogger "Guppy" Honaker said...

It's nice to see a blog that tells it like it really is, and showcases the enemies of the USA and freedom (both in the USA, and outside).

- David

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4:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is good that Farra-KKK-han speaks his mind. I do wish the media would report more of what he says. But that is probably too much to ask for. Right now the New Black Panther party is under protection of the government but eventually an investigation will take place and the truth of all that will be known.

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are these NBP guys not arrested and tried for TREASON. Many believe its because they are Nobama's private army working with the enemy to take down America. Remember, Nobama HATES everything America stands for and wants to "transform" America into a Socialist/Marxist country. WAKE UP AMERICA before its too late.

5:23 AM  

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