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Friday, October 29, 2010

Marxism in America Conference

On October 21 I attended and spoke at the Marxism in America conference which was put on by America's Survival. My topic was the current crisis and the perils which lie ahead for the U.S. and the Western world.

Cliff Kincaid spoke on "Why People Believe the Dangerous Lies of Marxism", explaining how Marxism’s embrace of “revolutionary Islam” threatens America’s survival.

Larry Grathwohl spoke on "Bringing Terrorists to Justice" in which he spoke of the need for Congress to restore the House Committee on Internal Security in order to facilitate the investigation of communist/terrorist networks and the solving of cold cases such as the 1970 Park Station bombing in San Francisco.

Professor Paul Kengor spoke about his new book, "Dupes"{, on communist manipulation of "progressives", and the need for the media and academia to move beyond anti-anti-communism and analyze the dangerous threats to America.

Professor Mary Grabar who has authored reports on the teaching methods of Bill Ayers, and on Communist Howard Zinn’s Marxist History Books, spoke on how we can combat Marxist brainwashing which takes place in schools.

Robert Knight spoke on the need for parents to get involved in their children’s education.

Also at the conference, excerpts from video interviews of former FBI agent Max Noel, member of the Weatherman Task Force, and Larry Grathwohl were shown. I have posted these videos here. Also, the FBI file on the Communist Party connections of Harry Hay, the founder of the gay rights movement was discussed as it had just recently been made available to the public.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There has to be something spiritual behind this mindless neurotic obsession with self destruction. Why would anyone abolish his own freedom and indenture himself and his future generatuions into a perpetual slavery?

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