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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Good night Was Had by Freedom Lovers - Dems and Communists, Not So Much

It has been a big evening in U.S. history. Tonight I hung out with a couple hundred U.S. patriots at the Tea Party Patriot's election night party at the Capitol Hyatt in Washington, D.C. It's just past 3am here, and another full on day tomorrow, but first I want to draw attention to a few excellent victories, and some heart-breaking, very close calls amongst Tea-Partiers and GOPers.

Florida didn't disappoint. Marco Rubio smashed his Democratic opponent, becoming the new senator for Florida. And my favorite, Colonel Allen West pulled in a good victory in the 22nd District with over an 8% lead.

Christine O'Donnell fought so hard, and put up with so much vitriol from the Democrats and feminazis. In the strongly blue state, Chris Coons trumped with a 16.6% lead. KeyWiki has extensive, in-depth research on Coon's affiliations here. Christine will be back fighting before you know it. As she said in her concession speech, Delaware politics have been changed for ever - for the better.

Covert socialist and regular New Zeal target Mary Jo Kilroy, lost her Congressional seat in Ohio, but it looks like another covert socialist, Neil Abercrombie will win the Hawaii Governor's race.

As I write, anti-Veterans and Council for a Livable World-supported Barbara Boxer leads Carly Fiorina by 6% in what has been a nail-bitingly close race, despite mainstream media pundits calling the race in Boxer's favor with only 0.3% of the vote in. With 20% of the votes in for instance, Carly was in the lead.

Am sorry Tom Tancredo didn't win the Colorado Governorship and especially sorry that Sharron Angle didnt beat the execrable Harry Reid in the Nevada Senate race. ACORN and SEIU have been strong in Nevada, mmmmmmm.......

Allen Grayson lost in Florida.....a friend told me that a Democrat of his acquaintance was pleased because Grayson "would now be able to seek the hope he so obviously needs".

The G.O.P. now controls Congress and has made big gains in the Senate and Governor's races. It's goodbye to your favorite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and hello John Boehner the new Republican House Majority Leader!

This is the Republicans' last chance to prove they can be trusted to live up to their own principles.

If they don't , they will be finished - and so may we be all.


Blogger Noah Bawdy™ said...

2010 Stopped the bleeding.
2012 Starts the healing and repealing.

10:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Noah. Americans are going to have to step up their game even harder though for 2012 because the Dems are going to plot and use every trick in the book to get back the House and to get Obama re-elected. We have been living politics every day for the last 2 1/2 years and are sick of it, but it's not over yet, we have more work to do. You have been a godsend to the American people Trevor. God bless you.

1:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your blog but I have to disagree. about 2/3rds of the people eligible to vote did not vote. In a number of states more then 50% voted for the same Democrats who have created this mess. We are not ready to stop this headlong rush into a anti-democratic socialist nightmare. We simply have not suffered enough and we will have to suffer much more before we are ready.

4:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only are there too many who are still asleep or who have bought into the indoctrination of their Marxist profs and teachers, but we also have the battle to fight against the structures that Obama and co. have put into place in the various legislative pieces that have been shoved down our "collective" throats.

The fight to awaken others has just begun.

But remember that -- as Dick Armey knows -- it doesn't take a majority to make the greatest difference. It takes the few who CONSISTENTLY show up. Who stand and refuse to back down. Who work in their own little area to try to make a small difference. Who risk at the local level.



Now we have the harder work to do.

We have to keep showing up, keep standing, keep sacrificing the other things we'd prefer to do, keep supporting Trevor and those who do the research we have neither the talent nor the resources to do.

God Bless, Trevor!

6:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was historic all right. They're already talking about "working together".

If you know Obama was involved deeply in the CCX, as were the Clintons and Gore, and you visit their website and see all of the corporations of the world already on the exchange and supporting it, you will realize they have already won.

Absolutely short of a miracle, we are a one world people. Sovereignty has already been given up for many years and it is only a matter of time until we fall.

Everything has changed and nothing has changed. Issa is already backing off of his statements on the investigation of Obama.

Where are we REALLY any better off now?

If they don't thoroughly investigate Obama, get us out of the UN and restore sovereignty and END the EPA, WE ARE DONE!

Obama has already started preaching green energy and working toward green jobs with the help of Republicans.

What's different?

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not our last chance. This is going to take a few years and we have to be realistic and patient, giving them the rope they need to hang themselves. The president can still veto legislation and as such our options are limited. We can accomplish our goals of reducing the weight of government but we won't be able to do that if people (mostly "independents") start having fits and run to the other side because things aren't moving at crisis speed, the way Obama likes to operate.

8:32 AM  
Blogger Rath150 said...

For the most part most Americans should feel a little better. However, there were some huge dissappointments. Two were understandable. Boxer & Reid! CA & NV are joined at the hip. People in these states do not think like the rest of America and never have.
Who in their right mind would ever vote for anyone so deceitful and speaks with forked tongue as Reid and done so much to undermine the Democratic philosophy behind closed doors and call it transparency??? The simple minds in these two western states would vote for hitler were he a dem. When the pied piper plays his flute the dem. mice follow blindly! It might also be interesting is that SEIU and Acorn were heavily involved boxer and reid. Other stupids in the electorate supported franks. In case these bozos failed to remember, he and dodd were directly responsible for the corruption of Fannie :& Freddie and re-instating them. How can assumingly intelligent people support such low lifes? Getting back to CA - the botox queen would not have lost even if she had committed murder in front of the world - that is how detatched the people in CA are!!!!!!!!!!!

3:39 AM  
Blogger Moneo said...

Good to hear about Rubio and West, but does anyone really believe this Congress will go anywhere near as far as it needs to?

My strong suspicion is that the incrementalism so popular with politicians of late will continue, and that the main priority of many new and old Republican politicians will be securing re-election and the Presidency for their party, rather than actually attacking the national debt, repealing socialized medicine and fixing social security so that it doesn't further blow out the deficit, let alone dealing with such issues as the corruption of the UN, the decline in influence of America and the West and the international delusion of 'climate change issues'.

3:48 PM  

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