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Monday, November 29, 2010

Some Relevant History - Soviet/Cuban Terror Connections

Part of an early 1980s doco on Soviet/Cuban terror links.

Includes cameos from Barack Obama buddies, former Weather Underground terrorists, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

Also an interview with my good friend, former F.B.I. informant inside the W.U.O. Larry Grathwohl.

Larry was pretty handsome back in the day. No wonder those terrorist chicks liked him sooooo much.

Seriously though folks, these networks still exist today and now involve oil rich Venezuela and Middle Eastern terror groups.

These networks are intended to be used, when the time is ripe.


Anonymous Nancy said...

Read these books: "Radical-in-Chief" by Stanley Kurtz

and "Destructive Generation: Second Thoughts About the Sixties"

12:31 PM  
Anonymous larryG said...

One thing that bothers me immensely is that in all these years many in the conservative right wing of our government had to be aware of these communist infilTRAITORS,so why is it a Guy from New Zealand has to kick us in the pants to wake us up? Makes me feel betrayed and like I can't trust any beauracrat of any persuasion to keep us informed.I now firmly believe Sen.Joe McCarthy and think when they silenced him they lesson to those then and to come was likewise. I just think the immense gravity of such silence would have brought out some heroes.I could be wrong,I do know that defectors have contributed to our awareness and I thank them.Anyway remember in the last chapter of the bible,"on the right" is where you want to be. Those on the left are told to depart.Now I can see why.

1:44 PM  

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