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Friday, November 12, 2010

World Communist Youth Front to Meet in South Africa

The old Soviet front World Federation of Democratic Youth has been organizing (usually) quadrennial international youth festivals since the 1940s.

The last three festivals were held in Venezuela (2005), Algeria (2001) and Cuba (1997).

The Seventeenth Festival is to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa in December.

Here is Jesus Mora, Secretary-General of the World Federation of Democratic Youth, being interviewed for Telesur regarding the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students.

Unfortunately this is in Spanish, but the graphics are explicitly communist.

According to the Communist Party USA news site Peoples World;
Thousands of youth and students from countries across the globe will convene in South Africa Dec. 13-21, to participate in the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students. The festival will take place in Johannesburg.

A U.S. preparatory committee and delegation is in formation.

Jordan Farrar, 27, is a leader with the Young Communist League USA from Baltimore and has been organizing youth in the U.S. to make the journey. The YCL is one of several groups expected to participate in the event. In the past, peace, civil rights, student and youth from the labor movement have participated.

He said he's super excited to attend the festival.

"The U.S. is perceived as carrying a lot of baggage, however this is our time as young people to show the world that we want change, peace and justice," he said.

"Despite the negative attention Obama might receive overseas these days we believe his administration is making small steps to really advance the lives of ordinary working people and youth. The new administration is laying stepping stones in the rights of working people here and abroad," said Farrar.

Farrar says there are currently about 30 young people signed up representing different states nationwide including several college campuses.
How much publicity will this delegation of potential future traitors, spies and Democratic Party congressmen receive from the MSM? Does the F.B.I. even know who these people are?

Will some of them come back to help Barack Obama, the Communist Party's "friend" make more "small steps to really advance the lives of ordinary working people and youth"?

Maybe that won't be fast enough for these young radicals.


Anonymous Nancy said...

2012 can't come fast enough. Everyone who cares about what is happening to the USA must read "Radical In Chief". Even if your eyes seem to be opened up, you will not believe the depth of it.

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Jordan Farrar said...

Just for clarification that picture is of Comrade Perez a communist youth who was recently murdered in Ecuador. I had his picture on my facebook in memorial of his passing. That is definitely not me.

9:17 PM  

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