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Monday, December 06, 2010

Maoists Gather in Hamburg to Make the "Leap That the World Revolution Demands"

Supporters of the ultra Maoist Communist Party of Peru are gathering in Hamburg, Germany to co-ordinate international support for the Peruvian revolution and the expansion of Maoist revolution worldwide.

The Communist party of Peru almost conquered Peru in the early 1990s through their Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) guerrilla movement.

Their U.S. affiliate is known as the Revolutionary Communist Party, which is led by former Students for a Democratic Society leader Bob Avakian .

Comrade Bob has recently returned to the U.S. after many years self imposed exile in Paris - probably to take a more active role in an expected upsurge of revolutionary upsurge in his homeland.

From the Red Sun website;
We invite all who are part of the International Communist Movement to participate in the International Conference organized byPeru People's Movement (MPP), commissioned by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru on December 4, 2010 in the city of Hamburg in Germany. This conference is a continuation of the conferences we have held this year in Stockholm (Sweden) in April, Madrid (Spain) in May and now last in September in Milan ( Italy ). The purpose of these conferences is to develop the debate within the International Communist Movement in accordance with the provisions of the Central Committee of the PCP in a document that was sent to the first of the conferences held: "The objective of the present event is to serve in making the leap that the world revolution demands. The PCP puts forward the realization of an expanded Conference of the RIM with the participation of all the members, in order to address, from our position, the following points:

1. Evaluation of the application of Maoism. The fundamental point in Maoism, and the Great Cultural Revolution.
2. The Experience of the international proletariat, principally of those who develop people's war.
3. The struggle against today's revisionism."
Whatever their other faults, the Maoists certainly produce the best posters.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Whatever their other faults, the Maoists certainly produce the best posters."

Yes they do. I think I'll print it and post it on my local Democrat party headquarters.


9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is George Soros paying you? Honestly we just want to save our children from Communism.I'll accept any evidence that communism improves ANYTHING OR HAS MADE VISIBLE IMPROVEMENTS TO ANYPLACE ITS'GOTTEN A FOOTING.When the useful idiots outlive their usefulness.POW. Really it's that serious

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 10:40:

Dude I'm on your side I just love to make so called Democrats either admit their philosophy or disown it.

A funny story- I found a poster on called "organizing for national-socialist healthcare", back when Nancy Pelosi called us Nazis. I posted it to the DNC headquarters building. They hired some kid to smash all their windows to try and get the police to come after me. Unfortunately for them a cop was driving by at that moment, he got busted, and the whole thing blew up in their faces :P


1:43 PM  
Anonymous larryG said...

Good to know.I thank you for that and the reason I asked was because in the Wikileaks/socialist story a few down the page you also commented on my post. I didn't know what to make of it.Your comments were in code,at least to me.Anyway Thanks.LarryG

4:09 AM  

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