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Friday, December 10, 2010

Radical Muslims Threaten the Pope in London

This has to be seen to believed.

R-r-r-r-r-adical Muslims Confront Pope Benedict XVI - at a Saturday 18 September demonstration in London.

Check out the segment from 4.20 to 4.35 for an example of religious tolerance.
"With the ideology of truth, we will dominate over all other ways, democracy, secularism, Christianity, Hinduism, Bhuddism. All of them will be under the foot of Islam. And so what?
The following commentary is taken directly from Michael Waller's Political Warfare blog;

"In this YouTube video, shot September 18, 2010, the protesters can be seen threatening the leader of the world's Catholics with their "Pope Benedict, you will pay" chant, and holding signs calling for the seat of the Catholic church to be controlled by shariah law. (See the Center for Security Policy's new report, Shariah - Threat to America, also released this week.)

The words are not overheated rhetoric - they are calls for the pope to be murdered, and a declaration of war on Christians and others.

At 2 minutes and 26 seconds into the video, a militant named Anjem Choudary changes the chant to "Pope Benedict, you will pay/Justice is on its way."

"Justice," under shariah law, requires Christians either to convert to Islam, be killed, or submit to Islamic rule as dhimmis.

Amid cries of "Allahu akhbar," another militant, Abu Rayah, implies that Pope Benedict is a military enemy of Muslims, as a leader of the "crusades." He exhorts listeners to recall that "this war against Islam and Muslims is military and ideological as well."

Abu Rayah denounces Pope Benedict for criticizing Islam, and expresses hope that, "inshallah," the pope will meet "the lions of Islam."

The militant adds that anyone who insults the prophet Muhammad "deserves capital punishment." (4:44-4:50)

"Benedict, watch your back!" chants another militant, "Sallahudin [the Muslim warrior who fought the Christian crusaders] is coming back." (5:18-5:24)

Other cries, as well as signs, denounce Catholicism and Christianity as a "satanic" and "evil ideology."

The protesters then chant, "Muslims, rise up!" followed by a call for "martyrdom or victory" and chants of "Benedict, terrorist."

As the pope passed by in his armored vehicle, the Muslim protesters screamed insults in Arabic at him and chanted, "Burn, burn, burn in Hell" (8:36)

The protesters were exclusively male, of various ethnic backgrounds, and obviously trained and organized. Even though they were not criminally violent, the code language they were using as understood by adherents to shariah law show that they should be considered a terrorist threat."

Hard to disagree Michael. Why are not more moderate Muslims opposing this fanaticism?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Whole World needs to wake up to this one of many examples.These cavedwellers come to a host country and are more than willing to live off the public dole,i.e.,mooch,and start demanding that the host start making adjustments to accomodate them and their customs.They contribute absolutely nothing to the host or the world.Their whole purpose is evil and hatred and murder.The bible calls them,"a wild ass of a man".

3:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pope Benedict knows exactly what's going on and the enemy know he knows hence the "welcome" aka warning. The Vatican has been infiltrated just like all other governments. They've been ahead of in the awareness but Pope John Paul was ill for so long not much could be done. Pope Ben is working hard to catch up.

The imam's have had these kids since childhood. He controls their mind thus are his possession. They are his "useful idiots", slaves or serfs.

Convenient that we've been infiltrated by tens of thousands of them and if we protest we're the bigots etc. It's not a coincidence that Obama approved the visas for around 15,000 more a year.

3:31 PM  

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