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Monday, January 31, 2011

New Zealand Marxists Cheer On Egyptian Revolution - Say It Will Spread to Greece, Spain and France

Video of a January 29 Auckland New Zealand "Egyptian Solidarity" protest organized by Trotskyist splinter group Socialist Aotearoa.

First up speaker is  rabidly anti Israeli,   die-hard Marxist Green Party  MP Keith Locke - who makes the point that any new Egyptian government will be far more pro Palestinian and far more anti Israel than than the Mubarak regime.

Second speaker is Socialist Aotearoa leader Joe Carolan, a veteran of the Political Committee  of the Irish Socialist Workers Party. Carolan claims that the revolution will spread through the Arab world and into Greece, Spain and France. I believe we can take his word for that.

Life long Marxists Mike Treen and John Minto also chime in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's quite the opposite. It has spread FROM France, Spain & Greece TO Tunisia and Egypt.

Commies, bass-ackwards as ever.

5:38 PM  

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