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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Pan European General Strike for 2011?

Joe Carolan is a former leader of the Irish Socialist Workers Party and now leads Socialist Aotearoa, a militant New Zealand Trotskyist group.

Joe Carolan is very tuned into the New Zealand and international far left, meaning that his forecasts can be taken seriously.

He has just issued a series of predictions on New Zealand and European politics for 2011. I think he is pretty accurate.

First New Zealand;
There will be an industrial campaign for a Living Wage led by Unite Union-Skycity workers had the Worlds First strike of 2011 on New Years Day
Checked off.
In March, they will be joined by striking workers in McDonalds and Burger King

In June, the eyes of the world will be on NZ in the uprun to the (rugby) World Cup. Hotel workers and Security workers will join the strike wave. There will be major marches against low pay and co ordinated strike action.

Those in favour of a New Left Party who will be at the centre of this campaign for low paid workers will meet over the next six months. The possibilty of gaining three or four New Left MPs is a certainty if Hone joins the new party. It would be a far better political development than the resurgence of a racist NZ First.
Credible. There will almost certainly be damaging strikes during the Rugby World Cup. It is easy to imagine radical Maori Party MP Hone Harawira jumping to the planned Left Party.

Eire and the UK;
The global economic crisis will continue to deepen. The government parties in Ireland will be wiped out in a March election, with a massive swing to the Left- Labour, Sinn Fein and the United Left Alliance will all do very well.

Unions will join the student revolt in Britain in late January- watch out for the new leader of Unite UK joining with Mark Serwotka of the PCS.
Credible. Easy to see public sector union leader Mark Serwotka working with the UK Socialist Workers Party.

Across the rest of Europe, general strikes will continue to mobilise the workers of Greece, Spain, Portugal and France. The crisis will also spread into Italy, Eastern Europe and other weaker economies. The potential for the Left to organise a European wide General Strike will be the prize of 2011.
A Trotskyist/communist led general strike throughout Europe in 2011?

Europe will suffer major Trotskyist/communist/anarchist civil unrest this year. Will it be channeled into a major transnational strike? Not beyond the bounds of possibility.


Anonymous larryG said...

Hello Trevor and fellow travelers and hopefully a Happy New Years.
The More I see and think about it all, the more I think our Barack Obama was a final piece of the puzzle for the communists worldwide.It occurs that if you had someone who might stand against communism,maybe the despised George Bush or whoever,a United States that still had not been weakened enough might be someone you wouldn't want to mess with.These communists never were gone, and were as thick in our Democrat party as they were anywhere else.A very evil thing was done with this mans election. May God Save these United States of America,and thereby the world.

4:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LarryG, I agree about Obama being a piece to a puzzle. It amazed me in the beginning stages of his presidential campaign how the rest of the world loved him and knew him when most Americans had no clue who he was. It was strange he went all over the world, including to a large crowd in Germany, to speak during his campaign. Not to mention his going to Kenya to try and help his cousin, Odinga, win the election -- which by the way is illegal here in the USA. On Today"s Open Forum over at http:/ (where New Zeal is linked in comments section and how I made my way here) we have a pretty good discussion going about communism, among other things, including the mundane.

New Zeal - Great site. Stay encouraged. If the Communists could organize world-wide we can too....and bigger and better.....we are smarter!

6:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey New Zeal, my above comment was not intended to by anonymous! It should be, "yomotley said"

6:21 AM  

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