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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Message for the Governor of Wisconsin

How Ronald Reagan handled illegal strikers.

Go Wisconsin.


Anonymous MarcJanet said...

The left once again rears it's ugly head, and I do mean ugly. The signs that some of the protesters are carrying are absolutely vile. Reagan had the right idea and I think the Governor of Wisconsin is on the right track too. And thank you, tea party, for being there to support the Governor. Sorry unions, it's time to start giving back.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Ghastly1 said...

The union hacks claim concern for their “collective” bargaining rights. They say, “We’re willing to give back something to help balance the budget, but collective bargaining is a human right! It’s not negotiable.”

First of all, I can’t recall any references to “collective bargaining” in the US Constitution or Bill of Rights. But that aside, the reference to collective bargaining is primary to the union position. Collective bargaining is a phrase with more than one meaning.

At first glance one is tempted to say “What’s wrong with the interested parties – the stake holders – getting around the table and striking a deal – a bargain?” Nothing, I suppose. But that’s not what happens in bargaining sessions between politicians and unions. In fact, there’s at least one stake holder group unrepresented. The taxpayers!

Bargaining sessions between politicians and unions remind me more of the meetings my parents had when I was a kid. I wasn’t invited, and their decision was certainly not negotiable!

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hum.....It seems to me that if I do not show up for work, I do not get paid. Why is the governor paying these rogue democrats for not coming in to work ? Were is the common sense.

12:59 AM  

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