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Monday, March 21, 2011

Beijing Butcher's Blood Money Backdown

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Chinese officials are quietly backing down from their demand for extra compensation for the families of student nationals killed in the Christchurch earthquake.

A Chinese Embassy official in Wellington called for the extra compensation saying as a result of China's one-child per family policy, parents of the dead had lost their guarantees of care and serenity in retirement.

But the move rebounded when Chinese activists here began pointing out the Chinese Government's failure to adequately compensate parents for the deaths of 10,000 students in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake and parents of babies who died in the Sanlu melamine dairy scandal.

The head of the Chinese Embassy's disaster relief centre, Cheng Lei, started the week saying China's situation was unusual due to the fact that by law families there could only have one child per family.

"There is a very notable difference in terms of the family situation between the Chinese family members and other foreign family members," he said.

Ambassador Xu Jiangguo backed him up saying they had "indications" that the Chinese families wanted more money.

By Friday the embassy was not responding to requests for comment and an influential - and sanctioned - Shanghai blogsite claimed the embassy was simply expressing family opinion, not official Beijing policy.

Twenty two Chinese students died at King's Education at the CTV building. Family members have been in Christchurch...

An estimated 80,000 people were killed in the magnitude 8 Sichuan earthquake, with up to 10,000 of them children who died when badly built school buildings collapsed.

Parents - many with only one child who had died - received Chinese Government compensation the equivalent of NZ$417, as long as they pledged to "obey the law and maintain social order."

Last June 60 parents were arrested for delivering a petition to the local government seeking compensation.

In Fuxin, some parents launched a lawsuit demanding the equivalent of NZ$26,000.

The Sichuan state government then offered payment the equivalent of NZ$12,200 in cash and several thousand more dollars in post-retirement pensions payments if they agreed to drop the issue .

How much money did the Butchers of Beijing pay out to the parents of students slaughtered at Tianmen Square in 1989?



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