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Monday, March 21, 2011

Biden to Union Socialists: You Keep "Barbarians from the Gate"

If you have any doubt at all that the Obama Administration is siding with the labor unions, listen to Vice President Joe Biden on an AFL-CIO phone call March 16, 2011.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please Joe, Unions should not be representing public employees. It is a conflict of interest. That's why there are no federal unions. The jobs you"saved" with the stimulus money were simply free handouts to states to keep their fiscal crisis heads above water while maintaining the union coffers. It floated state budgets for a year longer. There were no shovel ready jobs. Driving up and down the east coast all I saw was contruction zones without employees. Great stuff. And the rich fat cat that you say you despise Joe, you may not be at the top of the food chain but you and the union bosses sure aren't at the bottom either, it is pitiful the way you demonize conservatives when it is the left progessive union thugs that have been out there starting the trouble and might I remind you Joe that if it wasn't for those fat cats who started a business way back when in the private sector with their own money while they worked 70-80 hour weeks pouring all their profits back into their companies, there wouldn't be any businesses to hire the employees who seem to now think that they are "OWED" collective bargaining rights and along with extreme pensions and benes. I have no problem with private sector employees having representation because if I as a consumer don't want to buy the product due to high cost because of union benes and salaries, I can do that, but I cannot do that when it comes to paying taxes (the salary and pensions of the union workers) I have no option but to meet the demands and pay the piper. It is wrong and unethical/.

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want a "voice at the table" too, Joe. I'm the TAXPAYER. Your Union Thugs are USING MY $$$ to PAY FOR CANDIDATES who seek to "REDISTRIBUTE" the wealth.

FDR and Geo. Meany knew that public service/Govt. employees should not be unionized. THE PEOPLE WHO PAY THEIR SALARY NEVER HAVE GOOD REPS. AT THE TABLE -- THE TAXPAYERS.



3:46 PM  

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