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Friday, March 18, 2011

Communist Party of Egypt Comes Out of the Shadows

Emboldened by a "revolution" that they helped organize, the Egyptian Communist Party is coming partially out of the shadows.

From the Communist Party of Egypt website
The Egyptian Communist Party held a comprehensive meeting that included all its different entities and subcategories. The meeting resulted in a unanimous decision to officially announce the party’s existence and activities, considering the new and healthy political and social environment that has resulted from the January 25 revolution, and after years of being forced to work in utter secrecy and under much repression.

The party has agreed to continue the communist journey that began in the 1920s, despite the fact that the communist concept has been reproached and widely misused by corrupt anti-proletariat regimes over the past  decades.

The Egyptian Communist Party was re-inaugurated in 1975 and is legitimated by the masses – and this is authentic legitimacy. This goes back to its long struggle and strong connection with the working class in Egypt, as well as the social and political aspirations of hardworking Egyptians. It is these same people who – today – aspire for a society built on freedom, justice and honor, alongside freedom from dependency, tyranny and oppression.

Even though the Egyptian Communist Party was forced to work in complete secrecy for many years, its partaking in democratic and frontal achievements since 1975 are simply undeniable. Members and calibers of the party come from all walks of life and have made positive and powerful contributions to the events of our revolution. For more than 9 decades, Egyptian communists have made unprecedented and strong contributions in many fields of culture and community, including literature, politics and unionism. The communist ideology has survived campaign after campaign of aggression by regimes backed up by right-wing extremists across the Arab world supported by imperialist forces, only by working in utter secrecy, with much persistence and through the ample support of the masses.

The Egyptian Communist Party confirmed that it will be holding its 4th genral conference in the near future to determine the ideal plan of action and organizational chart that will guarantee the demands and aims of our revolution during the coming period.

March 14th 2011
There will be no "democracy" in Egypt. Barring a miracle,  there will only be a blend of Marxism-Leninism and radical Islam.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This revolution has all been planned by Soros and Obama and evil world thugs.

Disruption, rioting, violence, murder, to distract from a planned takeover of the middle east.

This is what Obama has planned for America.

It is time for everyone to wake up.

3:59 AM  

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