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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

John Conyers' Admits Obamacare is a Step Towards Socialized Healthcare

"Single payer" or socialized health care has long been promoted by the Communist Party USA and Democratic Socialists of America through their friends and allies in the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

For an history of Conyers' ties to all three organizations go here

If you want to know what the Democratic Party will say tomorrow, find out what the C.P.U.S.A. and D.S.A. are saying today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Par for the course. Socialized health care is an integral ingrediant of communism.

In 1954 ther US House of Representatives investigated Tax Free Foundations. Their investigations showed that these Tax Free Foundations enjoyed exemption from taxes exacted from the citizens "so that they may use their grant making powers to 'alter' (CHANGE) life in the US so that it could be merged with the Soviet Union".

The USSR Constitution states that "the citizen of the USSR is entitled to FREE MEDICAL SERVICE".

This is the prescribed goal of "health care reform" and the purpose of the "CHANGE" the Mao-Tse-Bama and his liberal minions are promoting. It's happening.

4:21 AM  

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