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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kia Ora Gaza: New Zealand's Cutesy Socialist Israel Haters

Kia Ora Gaza, sounds friendly, and has a very cutesy logo. The name conveys a  Maori greeting to the people of the "besieged" Gaza Strip, sandwiched as it is, in the buffer zone between Israel and Egypt.

In fact Kia Ora Gaza, is a militantly anti Israel group,  and is the New Zealand wing of the infamous George Galloway's  Viva Palestine.

Galloway a former British Labour Member of Parliament has enjoyed a long, if sometimes fractious relationship with the also militantly anti Israel British Socialist Workers Party.

It is therefore no surprize to learn that Kia Ora Gaza is controlled by New Zealand's Socialist Worker, a sister party of the British S.W.P.

Grant Morgan
Kia Ora Gaza founder is Grant Morgan, once leader of the Stalinist, pro-Albanian Communist Party of New Zealand, now a leading light in Socialist  Worker.

The organization's webmaster is Whangarei artist and Socialist Worker national chairman Vaughn Gunson.

In October 2010, a six-person Kia Ora Gaza team was part of the huge Gaza aid convoy that successfully broke Israel’s blockade  to deliver "desperately-needed medical supplies along with a message of international solidarity"

“Our Kiwi volunteers are authentic heroes who put their bodies on the line to help people in need on the other side of the world,” said Grant Morgan, co-organiser of Kia Ora Gaza.

 George Galloway  (centre) congratulates the Kia Ora Gaza team for their "significant contribution to the success of the international aid convoy to Gaza". From left: Roger Fowler, Julie Webb-Pullman, Pat O'Dea, Hone Fowler, Mousa Taher and Chris van Ryn
Of those pictured above;
  • Roger Fowler is an Auckland based  Socialist Worker activist and former Communist Party of New Zealand member.
  • Julie Webb-Pullman
  • Julie Webb-Pullman is an activist/journalist who has worked  in Havana for Cuban press agency Prensa Latina and has ties to the Cuban ambassador in New Zealand. Webb-Pullman also has strong links to Mexico's Zapatista rebels and also to 17 pro-Zapatista New Zealand activists who were arrested in October 2007 for allegedly participating in quazi-military training camps in the Urewera Mountains. In Gaza Webb-Pullman, while at a reception hosted by terrorist organization Hamas,  had a brief meeting with with Gaza President Ismail Haniya and Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar.
  • Pat O'Dea is an Auckland based  Socialist Worker activist and former Communist Party of New Zealand member. He is from an Irish Republican supporting family.
  • Hone Fowler is a youth worker and Roger Fowler's son.
  • Mousa Taher is a Wellington born convert to Islam who speaks Arabic. He is active in the Marxist led Wellington Palestine Group.
  • Chris van Ryn is an "award-winning travel writer and photographer with wide experience in business and human rights campaigns."
Kia Ora Gaza is a small cog in a big anti Israel machine. But New Zealand socialists, like Kiwis in general tend to punch above their weight.

Any one concerned with the survival of Israel should be finding out as much as possible about  the worldwide Marxist networks dedicated to the Jewish State's destruction.


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