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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Marxist/Muslim Meetings at Auckland University

The Marxist/Muslim alliance is a worldwide phenomenon. In New Zealand, Auckland University is a major center of this new "Axis of Evil".

Joe Carolan, center

On March 11, Auckland University's Marxist and radical Muslim activists got together to hold a "2011: A year of Uprising: Middle East Freedom Forum".

Joe Carolan's Socialist Aotearoa and Students for Justice in Palestine were the main organizers, but the Communist League (NZ affiliate of the US Socialist Workers Party) also showed up with their cutesy little book stall.

Communist League stand

Other lefties in evidence included Amnesty on Campus, Oxfam, and Medical Students for Global Awareness.

Speakers included:
  • Mohsen Al-Attar - "What Arabs can learn from Malcolm X"
  • Mohamed Hassan -"The role of youth and new media in the Egyptian Revolution"
  • Rana Ghumkhor - "The importance of women during the uprisings and what the revolutions could mean for occupied lands"
  • Bilel Ragued - "North African Revolutions - a personal perspective"
  • Zaeem Baksh - "It's time, it's time, its Palestine"
Mohsen Al Attar, an Auckland University lecturer of  Canadian /Egyptian extraction, was described by one attendee as a very persuasive speaker, reminiscent almost of Van Jones. I have written extensively on Attar here, here and here.

Rana Ghumkhor, an Afghan refugee, has long been one of the most radical activists at Auckland University. She is hard core. She once wrote a short story, in the first person, telling the story of a suicide bombing on a bus outside Jerusalem.
For generations we suffered at the hands of the Zionists. Oh my insane rage vengeance will be ours, the clouds will clear and the sun will shine on us again...

I feel around in my pocket for the trigger that leads to the c4-tapped securely to my chest. I swallow the bile that had risen in my throat. I am afraid yes, I am afraid the bomb wont go off...

I clutch the trigger in my hand. I take the time to acknowledge each person in the bus. I feel the walls in my heart closing up for I feel no pity where we received none. I look out the window for the last time. The bus is coming over a hill. There lies Jerusalem in all its glory. I close my eyes and take my last breath... Freedom...
Zaeem Baksh, has a Phd from the University of California, Berkeley, and has been active in Students for Justice in Palestine at Waikato and Auckland universities.

Speaker after speaker covered  all the usual bases;
  • Vocal and emotional support of revolutions in all the Middle East
  • Denouncement of "Apartheid Israel"
  • Encouragement to boycott all Israeli goods
  • Marxist-style anti-rich sentiment ("Why did we elect a $21 million prime minister?")
  • Calls for the immediate removal of troops from Afghanistan (NZ troops)
  • Anti-American sentiment, particularly perceived American imperialism

Following the "Middle East Freedom Forum", there was a student-led vigil in the quad, held in honor of the "thousands of students and citizens who have died protesting for freedom and democracy across North Africa and the Middle East in the last few weeks".

Marxist Green Party MP Keith Locke also turned up. After supporting Pol Pot's invasion of Cambodia, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the murderous Philippines New Peoples Army, Irish Republicanism, the Palestinian Intifada and countless other Marxist and terrorist causes over the years, wild camels couldn't have kept him away.

A fun night of incitement to mayhem and socialist revolution was had by all!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was a kid people like this got their ass kicked, but that all stopped with the dept. of education, and now Obama is holding a bullying summit. I submit to you the problem is pandering to spinless wimps!!!

Beatdowns make us stronger, believe me I've had my share and am better for it. They teach you how to act. We have already nuetered our population of men in America, now we will further nueter by taking away toy guns, harsh words, and bullying! I want to give Obama a beatdown, that's what he has needed all his life! Maybe he would quite acting like such a P*SSY

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they believe what they are "selling" shouldn't I be able to just take a book? Why would I have to pay for it?

4:17 PM  
Anonymous colon cleanse said...

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Blogger Unknown said...

The interesting question is "who will eventually prove to be the 'useful idiot' in this dance of economic and spiritual death?" Marxists and Islamists are not what one would consider natural political bedfellows, one might say; so, which one will sacrifice the other if and or when they are successful?

My money is on the Islamists to sacrifice the Marxists as the latter have only a mouth and not the stomach for violence as the ME Muslims do. They are like the US administration, oceans of talk and calumny, but real, long-term impact will be negligible. Why? Marxists are generally cloud-cuckoo-land academics or unrealistic morons and the guts or management ability to make something actually happen is beyond their ken - which is both why the Marxists need the Muslims and why the Marxists will be "dispatched" if and or when their campaign is successful.

5:15 AM  
Anonymous Cameron said...

Hey Trevor. Are you aware that an ACT Party representative spoke at the vigil after the forum?

Does that mean ACT is now allied with the Marxist/Muslim alliance?

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Trevor,
Are you aware that your blog is full of shit? But don't worry, It has served its purpose in giving me a laugh.

1:17 AM  

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