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Monday, March 28, 2011

"Multi-culturalism" - Do We Need Socialist, or Capitalist Solutions?

While I agree with the sentiments in the above video, most commentators on "multiculturalism" seem to miss the main point.

It is not immigration, even Islamic immigration that is the main problem. It is socialism.

The United States in the 19th century and early part of the 20th century was an open, free society, with minimal, if any government welfare. Immigrants came to the U.S., and while some did "ghettoise" for a generation or two, all eventually integrated into the U.S. mainstream.

The incentives were right. People came to the U.S. to escape the class stratification and statism of Europe to live free prosperous lives in a new world. The U.S. got the best of Europe and Asia, not the worst.

The two groups that had the most difficulty integrating, the Blacks and the American Indians, were the groups that suffered most from welfarism and statism - the Blacks on slave plantations, the Indians on government funded reservations.

If you want an open immigration immigration policy, you must also have an open economy and a free non socialist society.

Because France and all other European countries are socialist and socially stratified, they tend to attract immigrants who want a free ride. After a generation or two of being confined to ghettoes and living largely off the state tit, the children of these immigrants become a dispirited, bitter, resentful, crime ridden, disloyal 5th columnists - easily manipulated by radical Imans, labor leaders, "community organizers" and Marxist revolutionaries.

France and the rest of Europe must choose between the two futures below:
  • Turn France (Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Italy) into prosperous, low tax, free market, open constitutional societies, with no special favors for any social group. Rid the country of all state sponsored "multi-culturalism" and let individuals work out their own social arrangements as harmoniously as possible. Let freedom, capitalism and inter-marriage break down the social barriers.
  • Carry on down the statist road. Put new arrivals on welfare benefits and pander to their every cultural fetish, no matter how backward or barbaric. Throw money into their ghettos and encourage non-integration. This  will eventually lead to mass poverty, and  ever increasing social tensions, "solveable" only by mass re-patriations and/or civil war.
This blogger favors the first option, but is not stupid enough to think it is likely.

What do you think?


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