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Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Thank You Gov. Walker!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

RIGHT ON! This is a taxpayer revolt, not a union busting conspiracy.

We are seeing a dismantling of communism in the very lair of American communism. It's about time.

We must never forget that organized labor (unions) "IS" communism: "workers of the world-unite"; "DICTATORSHIP of the proleteriat"; etc.

The labor union movement and the DFL party were both created by the communist party (under the direction and guidance of the Soviet mother party) in 1924.

Just look at the website of the CPUSA and see their total involvement and support of this issue.

Every communist club and their offshoots in the country has converged on Wisconsin. They are the ones doing the rioting there. They don't even try to hide their identity anymore.

Google "communist origins of the DFL party" and see the unions' complicity in propogating communist programs.

Compare the DFL Party Platform with Ch. 10 of the USSR Constitution and see much of it word for word. That is what the DFL stands for. It is but an appendage and front organization for the CPUSA.

Marxist dominated unions are devoted to destroying the efficiency of a capitalist national economy, and capitalism itself. This is their puropse.

Organized labor is an extortive fund raising unit financing the "political" arm apparatus of marxist sedition.

It also provides mob style terrorist intimidation controled by a military styled dicipline by the union bosses (organized crime) to discourage dissent to marxist aims. We are now seeing just this taking place in Wisconsin.

This country was founded as a bastion of liberty, not as a DICTATORSHIP, of the proletariat or anything else. It's time we restore our founding principles.

5:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a proponent for well run unions where workers can address their employers failures to provide clean facilities, fair compensation and fair and equal treatment.
The union thugs (bosses) have distorted this kind of good employer/employee relationship.
Here again, something as good a a give and take relationship between the two people are being manipulated by the union bosses.
I am so glad Wisconsin Governor Walker had the tenacity and guts to see this take down of unions through. He is the kind of man we need in the White House, NOW!

7:58 AM  

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