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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Cuban Unionist Tours U.S. - Offers International Communist Labor Federation Support

According to the Communist Party USA's latest Peoples World ,  union workers at the Los Angeles Workers United hall, home of the Laundry, Distribution Centers and Skills and Manufacturing Workers, "listened with excitement" to an address by Gilda Chacon Bravo, a leader of the    former Soviet front, and still communist controlled, World Federation of Trade Unions.

Gilda Chacon Bravo
Chacon is the first Cuban trade union representative to be granted a visa to the United States in several years,  and is touring the country.

WFTU has 70 million affiliated members, with 150 organizations in Latin America alone. The U.S. and Canada are the only countries in the Western Hemisphere that have no affiliates.

Said Chacon;
"One of the main objectives of our tour is to have an exchange on labor issues here, and introduce the federation to the North American labor movement so we can support and show solidarity with your struggles. What is happening in Wisconsin and other parts of your country are opportunities that the U.S. working class should not miss" .
This is the time, she added, to unite for dignified jobs and confront the attacks on collective bargaining rights.
"The tactics that are being used against you, as workers, have been used on workers throughout Latin America. The blame is being placed on the workers, but we say the fault lies with those who caused the crisis, the transnational corporations and their neo-liberal policies."
Ms Chacon invited everyone present to the Trade Union Conference of the Americas to be held in August in Nicaragua. From Alaska to Patagonia, social organizations and workers who want to attend are welcome, "At this conference we'll join together with the goal of finding solutions to the common problems we face as workers" she said.

The Cuban trade unionist continued, "The most important result of these conferences is that attendees come to the conclusion that the current economic system can no longer offer us what we need and thus we must find other alternatives. If you ask me what system that would be, as a Cuban, I would say it is socialism."

Abayomi Azikiwe, Gilda Chacon Bravo, Detroit, March 11

In Detroit,   Gilda Chacon Bravo met with members of the united Auto Workers Union and members of the pro Cuba/North Korea Workers World Party, including local leader Abayomi Azikiwe.

No stranger to foreign visitors, Azikiwe was one of several W.W.P. activists to attend September 21, 2010, New York  meeting,  with President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


Anonymous Frank said...

By their fruits shall you know them.

Organized labor (unions) "IS" communism; "workers of the world-unite"; "DICTATORSHIP of the proletariat"; etc.

Anyone who cannot see the writing on the wall now is either a part of the problem or just palin stupid.

McCarthy was right! But now it's too late.

4:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anybody knows more about how to destroy a country from within, its communist Cuba, just look at the extravagant lifestyle's all Cubins have.

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The American demographic has purposefully been altered by the mass influx of non-citizen, third-worlders to replace the middle class workers. Who did this? Congress, the U.S. Chamber of Congress and the multi-national corporations. But, who better than one of Castro's own to teach us how to claim our rights? When the chickens came home to roost in the last presidential election, as they say, we knew Communists and Socialists would have a seat at the Peoples' House with BHO.
Sorry, TL, but if your Queen has the nativity record of a certain sitting Precedent, now would be a fine time to release it!

12:55 PM  

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