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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Communist "Folkies" Bollocked Bob Dylan

Heard on Kim Hill this morning, a story about a communist conspiracy with a difference.

Apparently when Bob Dylan toured the UK in 1966, he was heckled, booed and attempts were made to disrupt his shows all over the country.

It seems the British Communist Party ran a large number of folk music clubs. Workers could come and sing about the idyllic past where everyone got along in a spirit of co-operation.

Dylan, by then had abandoned his acoustic "trad" folk, style and had gone electric, rockier and worst of all, commercial.

The British Communists regarded Dylan as a sellout and a class traitor.

The communists tried to boo Dylan out of Britain. They shouted "Judas" at his shows.

So much for artistic creativity blossoming under socialism.