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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Eden Bacon? Not Bloody Likely, I'm an Anarchist

The Premier Bacon Company is threatening legal action against Mark Eden of the Wellington Animal Rights Network, who has registered and put up a website criticising Premier Bacon's factory farming practices.

This is a step up in sophistication for Eden. In 1996 the unemployed anarchist was sentenced to 100 hours community service and reparations of $1911 after smashing windows with slingshots, gluing locks and painting "kill all duckshooters" on the Complete Anglers Shop in central Christchurch.

In his "career" Eden has been involved with the Maoist/Anarchist, Aotearoa Youth Network, arrested at a Waitangi Day protest in Wellington, protested against the Kaimanawa wild horse cull and attended the "Anarchist Odyssey" conference in Christchurch in 2001.

He has also been involved in Peace Action Wellington and was arrested with two others during a 2003 protest. One of the protestors, Paul Hopkinson was later charged (and aquitted) of burning the NZ flag. Hopkinson and the other protestor, Jared Philips have since joined the Revolutionary Workers League. Eden has stuck to anarchism and "animal rights" activism..


Blogger maksimovich said...

Whilst it is a step up ,the Herbivores and their unicellular fungal friends an never reach the level of sophistication of the alternative arguments of this lady.

A good poker player and an extreme fighter,as well as a mother of 3

"Dear PETA,

I am a self-professed animal lover. I have a horse, ten dogs, two cats, and seven fish that all live like royalty here at my house in Atlanta, and, oh my, none of them came from the pound. But I guess this is your first strike against me, right? I might just be damned for my domesticated animals, among other things, but we’ll get to those. First I think that you should ask my animals if they feel like prisoners in my home—ask them if they would rather live in their natural habitats. I’m not so sure if they would want to give up their gourmet meals, luxurious beds, and fancy-ass toys. I don’t think they would voluntarily leave their deluxe dog spa in the basement, a custom built room with play areas, water fountains, and an access door to their own private yard. I’m positive they would miss their weekly spa treatments…you should see the way they all lie down to get their full-body massage / shampoo. I love my dogs so much that I always hug them and kiss them and pamper them like they are part of the family…because they are....

Shall we dance PETA? I wear fur. I wear dead rabbits and dead minks and dead anything that will keep me warm. I love it. I don’t like to be cold, and nothing keeps me warmer than my dead animals. Between my furs and my shoes, I have a whole zoo in my closet. I also love to eat meat. I eat meat twice a day because I need the protein and soy gives me painful gas. Besides, I love a big, really rare steak that’s still mooing on my plate. Moooo—yum. I like fish too. I especially like to catch fish, cut off their little heads and eat them. And I guess Chickens are okay…I liked that movie Chicken Run, but I would ring one of their little necks in about two seconds if I was hungry. But what I’d really like to know is what the fuck is PETA gonna do about it?......

A real gal

12:20 PM  
Blogger Trevor Loudon said...

Wouldn't you like to marry a woman like that?

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I notice you do not actually address the arguments in the website, unlike your colleague Andrew Falloon who at least attempts a rebuttal. What is the point of making personal attacks on Mark Eden. What does that prove. Your childish and petulent attacks, and the equally pointless attacks on PETA above are on the leve of "Yah, booh sucks".

And you are wrong about Hopkinson. He was charged with flag burning and acquitted. People have ended up in court for making those sorts of slanderous statments, so watch what you are saying.

10:13 PM  

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