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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Marxist MP Backs Sex Offender's "Right" to Privacy

Marxist MP, Keith Locke has come out strongly against National MP Simon Power's call for communities to be warned when sex offenders are paroled in their area.

According to this morning's Christchurch Press, Comrade Locke claimed that making the addresses of offenders public would open the way for more "disgraceful vigilante action" of the type recently seen in New Brighton..

Comrade Locke went on to say "We need more compassion towards former sex offenders trying to reintegrate into society"....If we had that, then former offenders wouldn't need to hide their past and the community could work with them in ensuring the safety of children in the area".

Get the Marxist outlook here. Sex offenders are the responsibility of society. We have an obligation to let them live in their midst and help them to reform.

Comrade Locke clearly does not see sexual offending as a personal evil choice, the consequences of which should be borne by the villain himself.

Comrade Locke is right that we should have compassion for sex offenders. They are human too and nobody is completely beyond redemption. However if you commit a heinous offence against a child, the most compassion you should realistically expect is not to be hung or castrated.

Some crimes cannot be atoned for in a lifetime. That is the harsh reality. The perpetrators of such crimes should be jailed for life to suffer and reflect on their flaws.

Those a bit lower down the scale of evil, may one day seek release from jail, to work every remaining day of their lives towards atonement and forgiveness.

They should be marked men for life. That is until they can prove (and the onus is most certainly on them) that they can once again be trusted by decent people.

Comrade Locke has no kids. He has been a Marxist nutcase his entire life. He has supported murderers, tyrants and torturers and praised them as heroes.

How does he have the cheek to tell decent, sane people that they should allow convicted sexual predators to mingle incognito with their children?

The man should be locked in a dark cell with six of them for a month. Dressed as above.


Blogger Rob Good said...

Sex offenders should have an electronic tag 24/7 and possibly castrated. THey should have a red light that is attachhed to their head and flashes everytime they are in contact with the public. Most offenders offend again. To hide them away in the community because they have done their time is not the sort of thing that I would expect ANY MP to suggest. Locke needs to get his head read.

1:17 PM  
Blogger Trevor Loudon said...

nichlemn, i have employed people with some reasonably heavy convictions. If they're honest with me I'll give them a go. Most people won't care if you got done for shoplifting at 16 or carnal knowledge at 17. They might care however if you were convicted for indecent assault at 17, 23 and 39.
The bottom line is that if you want to interreact with people at any level, they have aright to know your background. If you are honest, people can be extremely forgiving. The key thing is honesty. You did the crime, you bear the consequences (if any) till you can prove you're a reformed character.

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:57 AM  

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