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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Mike and Gman Hit the Spot

Discovered two excellent posts today while surfing my blogroll.

Mike Heine has an excellent piece "liberalism and the Labour Market" on the stupidity of minimum wage laws and union attempts to manipulate the labour market.

"Unions and politicians over-complicate the labour market, and they do so at workers' peril. Of course if the Unions didn't there wouldn't be much call for them - hence why they make as much noise as they do. The labour market, like any other one, comes down to supply and demand. When demand for labour is high, expect the price (wages/salaries) to be higher. When supply is outdoing demand, it's going to be lower."

Gman hits the spot with a piece entitled

What if…..Greens Co-Leader Keith Locke were born 60 year earlier.

Bletchley Park—Buckinghamshire, January 7 1940

British Communist Party Co-Leader, Mr Keith Locke, today lead (yet another) protest outside the secretive Bletchley complex protesting the probably illegal use of technology and snooping believed to be undertaken in the plant, ominously code-named "station-X".

"Everyone knows what really goes on inside these gates," Mr Locke yelled, whilst holding an anti-American placard, "The Communist Party are the only voice in Parliament against sweeping new powers awarded to GCHQ and the shadowy sections 5 and 6 of Military Intelligence!. Workers of the world should unite against this oppression from Mr Churchill and his close chum Mr Roosevelt.

"We are in danger of becoming a surveillance state because of legislation that attacks our freedoms and civil liberties, with snooping into people's private lives the norm.

Mr Locke has been at the forefront of protest. Keith says: "We have to wake up to the fact that the so-called 'war against Nazism' is being used as an excuse for a serious infringement of our human rights..."

Check them out.


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