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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Rodney Hide Vindicated

When ACT leader, Rodney Hide first made bullying accusations against Labour Cabinet Minister David Benson-Pope in Parliament, he copped flak from the media, some sections of the public and even his own party. The pressure was intense, especially as Benson-Pope flatly denied the now infamous "tennis ball in the mouth" incident.

I doubt that anyone who observed Benson-Pope in Parliament today, twitching like a just slaughtered pig, would still believe he has told the truth. Whether any further action is taken against Benson-Pope or not, most people will believe that Rodney got it right.

As Rodney Hide says in his blog; in a thousand page police report into the incident one sentence stands out.
Evidentially there is sufficient evidence to say that this incident did occur and Philip WEAVER did have a tennis ball put in his mouth and his hands taped to the desk.

While many people may find dragging up old incidents distasteful, it is a necessary part of holding a government to account. The Clark government has set new lows in government accountability in this country. The Tamihere affair, "Paintergate" the South Canterbury speed trial, the gutlessly handled Wananga scandal, the NCEA disaster and now Benson-Pope.

If Clark and Co can be so brazenly arrogant with a Rotweiller like Rodney on their case, how bad would they be without him? It is a harsh reality that working for freedom does not always mean concentrating on the positive. Sometimes you have to go out and shoot the bandits.

We are very lucky to have great advocate for the liberal vision,like Rodney Hide. If he has to machine gun the odd socialist from time to time, I can live with that.


Blogger Mike Readman said...

How much do you want to bet Taito Phillip Field won't be charged even though a prima facie case is found against him when the enquiry is finally finished? Oh well, the longer the enquiry takes, the closer it is to the election.

8:31 AM  

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